Zoom Video Learning and Adventure

As a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic (2020), the LIFEDesigns staff has created a variety of Zoom Video Learning and Adventure activities for the clients that we serve. These activities  facilitate and maintain connectivity and aim to include all members of the community we serve in the face of isolation and social distancing, which is of utmost importance to LIFEDesigns. The variety of Facebook Live Video Learning activities that LIFEDesigns currently provides can be seen in the schedule above. See details below for more information on each activity. Enjoy!

ZOOM link

Meeting ID: 795 013 2041
Passcode: 3333

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Share and Tell

Share and Tell is an exciting activity in which you can show exciting pictures and videos from over the weekend. Whether its a sunset, your pet, a relaxing view, or more you’re welcome to share it all!

Games with Friends

Play with friends and LIFEDesigns Staff in adventurous games such as Hangman, Pictionary, Charades and more!

Working Out

Workout those muscles with Alyssa, our Communications Coordinator, as we walks you through breathing techniques, meditation, exercises and more!

Virtual Trips and Tours

Italy, Disneyland, the zoo? Anything is possible through these virtual tours! Follow along as we explore a different destination twice a week!


Easy trivia anyone can play! Hop on to play with some friends!

ALL Abilities Choir Practice

Anyone can join! Each Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. Kristen leads participants in practices, you do not have to be a member to participate.

Look and Find

An active and engaging game where you find something around your house according to color, shape, material, or many other possibilities. Join to have some fun!