Why Staff Support Matters

Staff supports truly changes the world for people. Our primary focus in our supports is making sure people have the opportunity to live in their own home, work in the community, and meet and become friends with others in the community. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a national staffing shortage for IDD agencies across the country, and unfortunately, LIFEDesigns is no exception to that reality. 

In order for our clients to live independently and participate as active members in their community, we have to provide them with staff support. Although our employees are hired to help our clients do every day life activities like grocery shopping, doctors appointments, working, etc., the relationships formed between staff and clients is more impactful than any duties and tasks required of the job. Many of our employees will tell you they don’t work in this field for the money, but for the mission.

LIFEDesigns is proud to employ heroes. Courtney is one of our Team Managers & shared an experience she recently had with a client that had a meaningful impact on all of us at LIFEDesigns:

“I got to spend some well over due time with a client I service that has been in the nursing home for a few months due to a shattered knee. No words could express the joy it brought to both him and I when I picked him up. I have not been able to see him for 2 days shy of 2 months. When I arrived and was waiting my excitement started to build and I was getting antsy. As he appeared around the corner I saw his eyes light up and he started moving around in his wheel chair pointing at me. As he reached me he almost leaped out of his wheel chair to give me a hug ???? we both started to cry!! I got him in the car we FaceTimed his parents and the smile that never left his face took an over whelming feeling over me. As we started driving I realized he never let go of my hand for about 45 min. It was then that it hit me…. THIS, THIS right here is why I do what I do. His smile was so comforting and just reminded me that with everything that has been going on with COVID and moving around settings, distance and sacrifices made and short staffing, HIS happiness is what matters. He did not forget who I was, he knew he would be safe with me and he was HAPPY that I was there with him. Remember why we are here, remember the hearts and souls we are touching. It’s our LOYALTY and PASSION that is keeping our clients going. It’s US that keep them going!!!”

Agencies like LIFEDesigns are struggling across the nation. We fundraise to provide our staff with the compensations they deserve. If you can & are able, support our heroic staff like Courtney by making a donation or pledging a gift to LIFEDesigns!