Thank you Smithville and Jack Hopkins!


LIFEDesigns is pleased to announce our new maintenance truck has arrived, thanks to two grants! This F-250 truck will be used to provide general maintenance service to our 5 group homes and our affordable housing apartments and duplexes. Smithville Charitable Foundation granted $10,000, and the City of Bloomington Common Council Jack Hopkins Social Services Funding Committee granted $16,084 toward the new maintenance truck. This coupled with the state minimum pricing discount Community Ford of Bloomington was able to offer us left only $5,565.25 of the truck for LIFEDesigns to cover.

The next step to this plan is to purchase a snow plow for $5,500. We do still need donations to help cover this cost. The snowplow will allow our maintenance team to handle our own snow maintenance, saving us about $12,000 every 3 years. 

We are humbled by the community’s support of this project and are especially grateful to the City of Bloomington Jack Hopkins Social Services Fund, and Smithville Charitable Foundation for their generous gifts. In the next few weeks we’ll be working to display proper recognition for these gifts by having their logos placed on the side of the truck. 


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