Summer Fun at the Splash Pad

It was a great summer at LIFEDesigns! We were so excited to get back out to Karst Farm Park this summer for Splash Pad Days. A few years ago, we partnered with Monroe County Parks & Recreation to host Splash Pad Days, where they reserve the entire Splash Pad for LIFEDesigns and our clients! Our clients (and even some employees) absolutely love Splash Pad Days and we thank Monroe County Parks & Rec. for providing an opportunity to put a smile on their face. 

Each Splash Pad Day, we hosted a different activity for clients to participate in if they didn’t want to play in the splash pad. Some of our activities included tie-dying, rock painting, bracelet making, and our favorite, karaoke. Being able to safely gather with one another for a fun day in the sun meant so much to us. We want to thank those who donated arts & craft resources for these events and those who volunteered time to come and spend time with us! We can’t wait to do it again next summer! 

Providing our clients with activities that get them out of the house and in a safe social setting is essential to their achievement of independence. We use these events as opportunities to help our clients build confidence and simply have fun!

If you would like to help us provide more resources & events for people with disabilities, click here to donate to our client fund.