Supervised Group Living

LIFEDesigns has been providing Residential (Supervised Group Living) Services for the entire 34 years the agency has been in operation. Supervised Group Living is a program that offers individualized residential support in a group setting. There are nine group homes that LIFEDesigns supports: two in Columbus, one is Nashville, two in Ellettsville, three in Bloomington, and one in Spencer.LIFEDesigns group homes are located in community neighborhoods and each support six individuals with disabilities in a 24-hour staffed environment.  In Supervised Group Living there is on-going training in daily living skills and access to professional staff including nurses, behavior specialists, and other program coordinators. 

Supervised Group Living services consist of integrated, community-based support services. These services are an individually tailored array of services that assist individuals to access community resources and residential supports in a group setting. An individual plan guides the services related exclusively to the outcomes the individual desires to achieve determined through a person-centered process.

When you select LIFEDesigns’ Supervised Group Living service, you benefit from planned, goal-centered activities designed to promote full and effective participation in all phases of daily living, especially in integrated settings; encourage individuals to exercise more control of their lives through improvement of independent living skills; and develop confidence and skills to access community services and activities in a group setting.

Support is available in, but not limited to, activities related to:2013-08-10 02.30.05

  • daily living
  • mobility
  • basic nutrition
  • recreation and leisure
  • social and interpersonal skills
  • academic skills
  • motor and perceptual skills
  • communication
  • decision-making and self-advocacy
  • assistance developing community connections

Some specific goal areas may include:

  • Self-care support aimed at assisting the individual to acquire, retain, or improve skills in a wide variety of areas directly affecting community independence
  • Support for self-direction including the identification of and response to dangerous or threatening situations, making decisions, and choices affecting the individual’s life, and initiating changes in life activities
  • Support for money management to enable individuals to handle personal finances, make purchases, and meet financial obligations
  • Assistance to complete routine housekeeping tasks, home maintenance, meal preparation, shopping, laundry, dressing, personal hygiene, self-administration of medications, proper use of appliances and adaptive and assistive devices, safety in the home and community, first aid and emergency procedures
  • Assistance to develop and maintain relationships with community members and peers. Training will be associated with participation in the full scope of community activities, reflecting a diverse range of social, spiritual, cultural, recreational or employment opportunities. This includes assisting to identify activities of interest, arranging to participate in such activities, and identifying specific training activities necessary to assist the individual to continue to participate in such activities on an on-going basis
  • Mobility training or assistance aimed at the individual’s independent movement in the community, such as accessing and using public transportation.

We are a CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited agency.LIFEDesigns’ Supported Group Living services are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. All admissions will be based upon our staff’s ability to meet the potential participant’s identified needs.

For more information about the Supervised Group Living service, please contact Janessa Gerber at 812-332-9615 ext. 230 or