Employment Services

LIFEDesigns is committed to EmploymentFIRST for Indiana. Employment First sets the expectation that everyone can and should work in their community, regardless of their diagnosis. Our priority is to help our clients find meaningful work that they enjoy doing too. Everyone has strengths and abilities, and we take the time to learn yours. 

We support people based on a few simple truths. We believe:

  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to work in their community for at least minimum wage.
  • Integrated work environments are best for everyone.
  • Everyone who wants to work, can work.
  • Everyone deserves to feel valued by their community.

Need help finding employment? Our Employment Team can support you in the following areas:

  • Job Seeking Assistance
  • Job Shadow Experiences
  • Job Trial Experiences
  • Work Experience Opportunities
  • Networking with Employers
  • Informational Interviews
  • Interview Coaching
  • Resume Assistance
  • Disclosure Guidance
  • Benefits Counseling
  • Onboarding Support
  • Job Coaching

You can benefit from our Employment Services if you choose to put in the work! We expect you to be involved in your job search process, to believe you deserve to be paid competitive wages in integrated employment, and to believe you have skills that are valuable to businesses. To achieve your employment goals, we will work with you, your family, friends, and support team to:

  • Identify your interests
  • Create goals
  • Define steps to reach your goals & work with you along the way!

Katie’s Story

Katie Lewis received Employment Services from LIFEDesigns right after transitioning from high school in 2004. Katie chose LIFEDesigns for her services because she felt they were truly in it for the individual and seeing them succeed in the community. She currently works at Bell Trace Senior Living Community where she has been a receptionist for the last three years. Katie’s favorite thing about her job is the residents she works with as she loves building relationships with people and being a bright spot in someone’s day. Katie said she truly does not think she could have found a better place to work. With LIFEDesigns support she has been able to live on her own for the past five years and remain an active part of the community. Her long term goal is to write a story about the obstacles she has overcome in her own life in hopes of being an advocate for others to feel inspired that they do can do it. Katie feels she would not be where she is today without the support she has been given, and would strongly recommend LIFEDesigns to anyone with a disability who needs assistance.

Are you an employer looking to support inclusion in the work place? Take advantage of a Work Experience opportunity!

LIFEDesigns is excited to offer a work experience opportunity that is especially beneficial to you – the employer! These work experiences are internships at your place of business. Our candidates are motivated to learn and eager to meet your needs in many different types of positions at your company. A work experience match gives you the chance to utilize our top-notch candidates and see for yourself what we have always known – our emphasis on ability!

How it Works:

  • Candidates will work up to a 6 week period for 5-20 hours per week (based on your needs)
  • The purpose of the work experience is to provide the candidate with a valuable work experience & YOU with a qualified intern
  • The candidate is paid weekly by LIFEDesigns; there is no cost to you!
  • The qualified candidate will sign a release of liability; all employers are released from any liability
  • All parties will sign a Work Experience Agreement

There are endless benefits of a Work Experience for both parties involved. Many of our clients we serve want to work & participate as active community members. However, many haven’t had the support they need to find the right job. A work experience benefits not only our clients, but our community by showing:

  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to work in their community
  • Integrated work environments work best for everyone
  • Everyone that wants to work, can work
  • Everyone deserves to feel valued by their community

We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities achieve independence, and being an employed individual is essential to that achievement. We hope that at the conclusion of the work experience, you will want to find you want to hire this candidate in a permanent job, but that is not necessarily an obligation.

For questions or to learn more about Employment Department, contact Director of Community Services, Brandi Hamilton, at bhamilton@lifedesignsinc.org 

Employer Testimonials

“Justin has been a great asset to our team for the last 4 years. LIFEDesigns has been great on developing Justin’s training and scanning rhythm. LIFEDesigns has helped show Justin how important his role is to the store and our customers. This has kept Justin so motivated that he runs to the store from his bus stop. Justin and LIFEDesigns have been a great help on keeping our store priced and merchandised correctly.”
– Shawn Horrall, HR Executive, Best Buy

“Rita is a pleasure to work with. The customers always enjoy talking to her. She has come a long was since she started and she continues to learn everyday. Rita really enjoys working with others and other employees enjoy working with her. She has become a natural fit for our team.”
– Brent DeMoss , Manager, McDonalds

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