LIFEDesigns provides services and supports to people with disabilities across Bartholomew, Brown, Greene, Johnson, Lawrence, Monroe, Morgan, and Owen counties. We support over 350 people with a variety of disabilities. Click here for more information about LIFEDesigns and the services we provide.

This video gives you a quick introduction to our agency and our services. Thank you to Tabletop Productions for producing this video.


Community Living 

Community engagement is very important to our customers and to us. Our mission, vision, and values highlight the importance of people being able to access their community: grocery shopping, work, social lives, and more. Community Living services provide the support people with disabilities need to gain access to their community in their daily lives.


Support Services

Sometimes people with certain kinds of disabilities have greater difficulty interacting in social encounters or managing their many health care needs. Behavior Support and Health Care Coordination are available to provide additional  support in those areas. Nite Owl, our assistive technology, allows people receiving supported living services to be in their home independently without staff support for longer periods of time and gain self confidence.



LIFEDesigns is committed to EmploymentFIRST for Indiana. We believe everyone can and should work in their community, regardless of their diagnosis. Everyone has strengths and abilities, and we take the time to learn yours. We use the P.A.T.H. person centered planning tool to discover people’s dreams and support them to find employment according to their talents and interests.



Education doesn’t end when you graduate. We believe it is a life long process. We believe education for adults with disabilities should take place in the community in the same places it does for people without disabilities. Our education program provides community based learning experiences for adults with disabilities in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana.



A nice and safe place to call home should be a right, not a privilege. Quality affordable housing can be extremely difficult to find, especially for those living with a physical disability who need accessibility. In 2007, we decided we were going to do something about it. Since then, we’ve created permanent supportive housing, one and two bedroom apartments, and accessible houses.



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