Recognizing our Employees

We are always looking for ways to recognize and celebrate our employees at LIFEDesigns. We introduced our Kudos Program in January 2019 as an incentive to recognize Direct Support Professionals for going above and beyond in their work. Team managers are provided with ‘Kudos Cards’ to distribute to members of their teams when they observe a DSP going above and beyond their traditional job responsibilities. Along with the acknowledging excellence in direct support, the Kudos Cards also allow the DSP to be eligible for a monthly raffle drawing of two $50 gift cards. The Team Manager who gives a DSP a Kudos card is also entered into a monthly drawing for one $50 gift card.

Recognizing DSPs through the Kudos Cards is just one-way we can continue to acknowledge DSPs year-round for their hard work. In addition to providing staff with a chance to win a gift card, the program also helps build and reinforce a positive culture across the organization.

Click here to read about our Kudo Cards Program!

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