Raising Funds for The United Way

Each year in October, LIFEDesigns holds an in-office campaign to raise funds for The United Way. As a member agency, LIFEDesigns is committed to supporting the United Way’s mission to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. Here at LIFEDesigns, we like to have a little fun with our campaign activities. Throughout the month of October, our employees participated in 2 activities: Jeans for a Cause and Penny Wars. These campaign activities helped us raise over $445 for the United Way!

Both Jeans for a Cause and Penny Wars are annual activities that everyone loves to participate in. Jeans for a Cause allows employees the opportunity to wear jeans to work Monday-Thursday (Friday’s are always casual here). This year, Jeans for a Cause raised a total of $109 for the United Way!

Penny Wars is our most anticipated campaign activity. Before we begin on Oct. 1, we ask staff to nominate a fellow colleague to be part of the Penny Wars. After nominations are sent, we place 12 jars in our lobby that display the 12 chosen employees that will be fighting for change. This year, we held the ultimate Penny War, where silver change were counted for positive points, and pennies were worth minus $1 each. This activity is an all-time favorite because the 3 nominees with the lowest amount of points get a special “pie” to the face at our annual Halloween Party. We are thrilled to announce that Penny Wars raised a total of $338.42!

In total, LIFEDesigns raised $447.42 for The United Way! The United Way plays a significant role in our community, as the United Way Member Agencies work together to make sure that all members of the community of various ages and facing different struggles receive the support they need. LIFEDesigns is a proud member of this agency and look forward to doing our part in supporting them each year.

To learn more about The United Way, click here!