Our Endowment


LIFEDesigns has invested in building our endowment fund. We see our endowment as an investment into our future sustainability. The money in the endowment can never be spent. It generates revenue through interest each year that we can use for our programs. Our endowment held at the Community Foundation is at about $85,000. This year our goal is to grow our endowment to over $110,000. Over time, we hope to reach $1,000,000 which would generate around $20,000 annual revenue for our programs.

Make your donation go further with this matching opportunity!

The Community Foundation of Bloomington & Monroe County (CFBMC) has awarded LIFEDesigns a challenge grant offering a match of $0.50 for every $1.00 raised. This means your gift of $100.00 results in $150.00 for our endowment fund! If we’re able to meet this goal, we will meet our fundraising goal for our endowment this year!

LIFEDesigns must meet our fundraising goal of $15,000 BEFORE January 31, 2020 to receive any matching funds. When we meet this goal, we’ll be awarded $7,500 in matching funds for our endowment.  

How to give:

  • Online at cfbmc.org/donatenow
    • Be sure to select “LIFEDesigns” from the “Fund” Dropdown menu
  • Mail a gift to CFBMC – 100 S. College Ave., Suite 240
    • Checks payable to “Community Foundation of Bloomington & Monroe County” with “LIFEDesigns” in the memo line.
  • Start your own fundraiser through Mighty Cause
    • Go to mightycause.com
    • Click “Start Fundraising” (at the top)
    • Click “Start a Fundraiser”
    • Search for “Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County”
    • Start building your campaign page –
      • set your personal goal
      • add a photo (from our social media) or link to our video
      • add something about LIFEDesigns and our services and why you think people should support us
    • Share to your social media pages by text/email to your colleagues and friends!
    • Don’t forget to let LIFEDesigns know you’re doing this, so we can help share on your social media posts and let the Community Foundation know you’re supporting LIFEDesigns!