Orginizational Facts Regarding the LIFEDesigns & DSI Merge

Both LIFEDesigns and DSI have been providing support services to individuals with disabilities for many years. Just last year, we celebrated our 40th Anniversary of partnering with & promoting independence for people with disabilities. Developmental Services, Inc., or better known as DSI, was established in 1975 and provides early intervention for infants and toddlers, residential living options, job training, placement and follow-along, respite care, family support, and individualized community-based services. DSI serves over 40 counties in Southern Indiana with 11 facility locations, and headquarters in Columbus, Indiana. 

With both agencies experienced in providing essential support to those in need, we are completely confident that this merge will only benefit both the clients we serve, their family members & guardians, and our staff. If you have questions regarding the merge, please see the Orginizational facts below:

• LIFEDesigns and DSI entered this partnership as two successful, financially healthy organizations

• This is a proactive step to ensure sustainability of both organizations well into the future

• No employment or programs have been eliminated as a result

• LIFEDesigns will remain in their respective communities and continue to provide the high quality services the disabled population is accustomed to receiving

• LIFEDesigns and DSI will continue to use their respective logos

• LIFEDesigns and DSI will continue to operate under their respective mission and visions

• Donations for each organization will remain in their local communities

• LIFEDesigns and DSI boards will remain intact

• Clients, caregivers, and families have not had and will not have a disruption in services, or feel any effects from this partnership

For any questions, please contact

Click here to visit DSI’s website.