Nathan’s Employment Journey

Jeffares, Nathan_Work

Meet Nathan!

Nathan has recently graduated high school (2019), and wanted to begin searching for his first job. Nathan needed some help in getting organized and being prepared for the application and interview process of job seeking. Nathan got connected with LIFEDesigns employment consultant who began working with him on things like coping mechanisms to help him overcome challenges with anxiety and stress 

LIFEDesigns introduced Nathan to volunteering at Sans Souci, and helped him complete a job assessment at Kroger on cart pushing. These experiences helped him learn what kind of job might be ideal for him. With support, he then applied for and got hired at Donut Central at the beginning of 2020. Nathan started out working one day per week folding donut boxes and cleaning the inside and outside of the donut shop. He now works 2 days a week folding the boxes, cleaning trays, sweeping, mopping, cleaning tables, and taking out the trash. Nathan has anxiety with large crowds of people at work, and uses the coping methods he learned to help ease the anxiety. Nathan’s manager Coleman always says positive things about Nathan’s work ethic. “Nathan is a huge help to the shop when he folds the donut boxes during our busy Saturday mornings.” 

We’re so honored to have been a part of Nathan’s journey, and are proud of all he has accomplished over the past year. Nathan is very happy with his job and his life, “This job is perfect for me. I get to work, and still play in my band!” 

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