Monthly Sustainers

Just one gift a month can go a long way to support our community-based services for individuals with disabilities. By pledging a monthly gift to LIFEDesigns, you will provide us with a consistency in our revenue that assists in improving client services and serving more clients in the future. By making a monthly pledge, your sustaining donations give life enriching opportunities to people with disabilities.

Benefits for our Monthly Sustainers include:

  • Personalized Thank You notes from clients
  • Exclusive first access of LIFEDesigns‘ program reports
  • Regular updates of client success stories
  • $25+($300/annually): 5% off all LIFEDesigns event registrations/tickets
  • $50+(600/annually): 10% off all LIFEDesigns event registrations/tickets
  • $100+($1,200/annually): 25% off all LIFEDesigns event registrations/tickets

Every dollar counts, and we are grateful for the donation no matter the amount. When you make your pledge in thanks, we will reward you with a sign on gift! 

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$5.00/month: LIFEDesigns Baseball Cap
$10.00/month: LIFEDesigns Golf Umbrella
$25.00/month: LIFEDesigns Cooler Bag
$50.00/month: LIFEDesigns Jacket

Become a Monthly Sustainer today by scrolling below and filling out the required information.