Meet Steve!

Steve is an employment client here at LIFEDesigns. He is originally from Shelbyville, IN, but moved to Columbus, IN in 1979 to receive services from ResCare. Steve is currently working towards living independently and having his own place. In his free time, he likes to go fishing, camping, horseback riding, farming, talking on the phone with his sister & nephew, and hanging out with sister.

Prior to his current job, Steve worked on a farm, which he really enjoyed. Unfortunately, after Steve’s father passed away, he had to take time away from that job to help his mom around the house. However, Steve still had goals of living on his own, and he knew he needed to work to achieve those goals. With our employment services and some help from a few LIFEDesigns Employment Coaches, Steve landed a job at Goodwill, where he has now been employed for almost 4 years! He helps with stocking, cleaning, making sure items are in the correct places, and helps wherever it’s needed. 

When we asked Steve how LIFEDesigns has impacted his life, he responded “LIFEDesigns helped me get this job at Goodwill. Without my employment coach, I would not have gotten this job. LIFEDesigns never gave up on me. At first, I just volunteered at Goodwill. Then, they offered me a job. I did not expect to get offered a job.”.

We see first hand how difficult it can be for individuals with disabilities be given an opportunity to work in their community. We all have goals and things we want to accomplish, and we each deserve a chance to work and chase those goals. Your donations help our clients achieve their dreams, see their worth, feel accomplished, and become more independent.

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