Meet Ryan

7W8A5826Ryan Casazza receives employment services from LIFEDesigns and has since December 7, 2015. Ryan chose LIFEDesigns because of the genuine people who want to see him succeed. He currently works at AMC 12 and is eager for the movie theatre to reopen so he can get back to work. His job consists of ushering, cleaning up the theatres, returning items to lost and found, and any other tasks asked of him. His favorite part about his job is that he gets to watch movies for free! LIFEDesigns has made it possible by providing a job coach who trained and equipped him to be successful. Looking ahead, Ryan plans on working at the AMC long term, but would love to get another job to make even more money.  His dream job would be to work at the IGA grocery store in Bloomington because he has always been interested in being an employee there. Ryan truly appreciates the endless support from LIFEDesigns and can’t thank them enough for being his best friends.