Meet Jeweldine!

Jeweldine has been with LIFEDesigns for many years. When we first met her, she was living in a nursing home and had a lot of medical issues that prevented her from working and doing the things she loved. After a matter of months of supporting her to better manage her health conditions, LIFEDesigns helped Jeweldine explore work opportunities that best fit her needs & personality, and she was finally able to move out of the nursing home and work for several years before retiring.  

Medical expenses can be stressful, and often times unpreparable. At one point, Jeweldine needed dentures, and Medicaid wouldn’t cover them for her. LIFEDesigns was able to help her get dentures by assisting her financially with our client fund. Before Jeweledine had this procedure, she felt embarrassed to smile for quite some time, but when she got her dentures we were thrilled to see her smiling happily on a regular basis! 

Jeweldine has been living on her own for quite some time through our supported living services. Since the COVID pandemic began, she hasn’t been able to take walks in the mall like she used to enjoy doing, but we are hopeful to get her back walking very soon. During COVID, she started having some virtual visits from her behavior therapist and a recreational therapist to help with some of the stress of being stuck at home. She really enjoys coloring and other arts and crafts projects, and has been doing more of that while spending extra time at home. 

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