Meet Janet C!

Meet LIFEDesigns Client, Janet C!

Janet C.  has been living in Housing Options for over 20 years. With her disability, she needed a home that was able to accommodate using her wheel chair.  Janet’s apartment has a lowered mirror in the bathroom and lowered rods in the closets. Janet has nothing but good things to say about living in housing options. She is just glad that 20 years ago, the housing authority suggested she look into Housing Options. She has met many friends living there, and is looking forward to utilizing the accessible community garden this spring. 

Because of the services LIFEDesigns provides for Janet, she has been able to live comfortably in her own home and create an environment where she feels safe. We are honored to provide an accessible home for Janet and many others who need our services to achieve their independence. If you find you are able to give and would like to donate to help us continue providing services to our community, click here!