Meet Gary!

Gary has lived in institutions most of his life. He lived for many years in Tennessee, where he met a man named “Father Chad” who was married, and had a family of his own. When Father Chad was transferred to a church in Bloomington, IN, he and his family asked Gary to move with them to Bloomington. Gary was happy to make that move.  

Things became somewhat difficult for Father Chad and his wife to provide the support and care that Gary needed with their young children. In the 80’s, Gary first moved into supported living on his own with LIFEDesigns (Options at the time).  

Today, Gary lives on his own, receives support from staff, and worked for many years until he retired. Gary loves magic shows, magicians, magic tricks, and everything related. He is also very dedicated to his health, and attends a gym regularly. Gary also loves to make others laugh and has a great sense of humor (he’s even given many of our administrative staff nicknames that are quite unique)!

Because of your donations, we are able to provide a home for Gary. As a non-profit, we depend on donations to support our clients so they can live their most independent and fulfilled life with the help of our staff and services. Help us continue to provide support services to Gary and so many others by donating to our 40th Anniversary Campaign and pledge a one-time or monthly gift. 

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