Meet Eldena!

Eldeana is the definition of a social butterfly! She loves to share her family history and talk about American history. She can recite almost the entire Gettysburg Address and really likes to hear and share stories about the American revolution and Civil War time periods.  

Her oldest brother served in 3 different military branches, and patriotism is very important to her. Eldeana cherishes an old “Secretary” an antique piece of furniture her mom left her. She stores some of her arts and crafts supplies in it and displays her favorite knickknacks and art.  

Eldeana also loves to cook, something she learned from her mother. She remembers her mom’s blackberry cobbler, which was the best around! She enjoyed picking blackberries for her mom when she was young. She has a photo of her mom and dad in her bedroom from before they were married. She likes looking at the photos and remembering her father’s coal black hair and mother’s fiery red hair. If you get the chance to meet Eldeana, she’ll share these and more stories with you. 

Eldeana receives housing & staff support from LIFEDesigns. Because she enjoys being social, it’s important that we are able to provide her with staff support so she can do the things she wants to do & participate in activities that make her happy. We want Eldeana and all of our clients to be active community members, but if we don’t have enough staff support, we have to limit what our clients can and cannot do. 

If you can & are able, please consider donating to our 40th Anniversary Campaign & help us provide staff support for our clients who want to be part of their community. Your donations mean so much to our agency, clients, & their family members and we thank you for supporting LIFEDesigns and our mission in partnering with & promoting independence for individuals with disabilities.