Meet Denny!

Denny has been with LIFEDesigns for about 8 years, where he receives housing, education and other support services. He loves sports, music, and is friendly and outgoing. He really enjoys motorcycles, old cars, old trucks, and Harley Davidson. What Denny wants more than anything right now is to save up enough money to buy a Harley Davidson jacket. He also has a great collection of music, records, and movies.  

He enjoys many sports teams, like the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Reds, Yankees, Red Sox, and is a human wrestling encyclopedia. 

Denny lives in a group home, provided by LIFEDesigns, where we make sure his food, shelter, and basic needs are taken care of. At LIFEDesigns, we believe a nice and safe place to call home should be a right, not a privilege. Quality affordable housing can be extremely difficult to find, especially for those living with a physical disability who need accessibility.

Our mission, vision, and values highlight the importance of people being able to access their community. You can read more about our support services at Services | LIFEDesigns (

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