Meet David!


Meet David!

David became LIFEDesigns’ new Director of Behavioral Services in October of 2020. This is a new position at LIFEDesigns, and we are so excited to have David on our team! As a director, he oversees meeting with our clients to review their records and provides training for employees on certain interventions and behavioral sports plans. He said that the most rewarding part of his job is to “observe clients being proud of themselves because they are able to do things or communicate when they were not previously able to do it on their own”. David’s career goal is to create a behavioral sports department that helps clients with maladaptive behaviors to easier access resources in their community and to also develop staff training that teach them how to cope and handle different behaviors. By doing this, David aims to reduce staff turnover as well as to improve the experience of our clients and employees.

David graduated from Indiana University with an undergraduate in Sociology and attended Ball State, where he achieved a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. David also has a board certificate on behavior analysis and was previously working in an autism clinic. In the past, he worked as a DSP, Team Manager and Service Coordinator in 2006 at LIFEDesigns and mentioned that he admires how our staff treated clients with respect and dignity. He decided to work again for LIFEDesigns because he believes in our mission of helping people with disabilities by providing services that allow them to become independent and be active members of our community.

David is very passionate about working with people of any age to help them make changes that would impact their lives and the lives of their family. During his free time, he enjoys training his dogs, participate in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, traveling, and eating at new restaurants. An interesting fact about David is that he helped to pass legislation for scooters in our county and that he helps to run the polls to make sure that everyone votes and understand the importance of their participation. We are extremely excited about having David on our team!

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