Marketing and Communications Internship

Job Description – LIFEDesigns, Inc. Volunteer INTERN Position  

To partner with and promote independence for people with disabilities. 

Role: Marketing and Communications Intern    

Supervisor: Director of HR

General responsibilities: The Marketing and Communications intern will learn the functions of each major department of the agency to see how they are a vital piece to the agency and it’s success.  Each department has a specific role and the intern will learn how each of these roles plays a part in the overall mission and success of our clients and employees.  They will work hand-on with each department with data analytics, reporting, general paperwork, etc.


Learning Objectives:

  • Objective 1: The intern will learn what role the CEO (General administration) plays in running an efficient agency.
  1. Will attend meeting alongside the CEO to learn how decisions are made that betters the agency for the clients.
  2. Reviews reports and analytics to see patterns or trends to different areas.
  3. Researches other agencies and gives ideas on what areas could be improved.
  • Objective 2: The intern will learn what role Human Resources plays in the agency.
  1. Will learn what laws and regulations the agency must follow regarding employees and how different certification requirements can affect employee’s status.
  2. Will follow and give feedback on the recruitment and onboarding process to seek improvements in efficiency.
  3. Will research and present new employee recognition ideas that can be utilized for employees.
  • Objective 3: The intern will learn what role Fiscal plays in the agency.
  1. Will learn the laws and regulations related to a non-profit IDD agency and how the state affects these areas.
  2. Will learn how the billing of client services works and how we are reimbursed by the state.
  3. Will observe the agency payroll process and recommend ideas on how to process more efficiently.
  • Objective 4: The intern will learn what role Services plays in the agency.
  1. Will learn how services works as a team to cover client shifts to ensure proper and required care.
  2. Attend team meetings and observe how changes in client behavior is tracked and course of action is implemented.
  3. Work alongside the residential service director to review procedures and look for ways to make them more efficient.


Agency Principles and Values: Always promote a safe and secure environment for LIFEDesigns customers. Follow all agency policies, procedures, and guidelines outlined in the volunteer handbook. Display dignity and respect for LIFEDesigns customers and employees by maintaining confidentiality of all personal information of both customers and employees. Promote social inclusion by seeking opportunities for customers in the community that lead to active citizenship, rewarding employment and fulfilling relationships. 


Agency Goals – “L.I.F.E.” 

Leadership  LIFEDesigns is one of the most admired agencies in the industry. 

Innovation – LIFEDesigns employs pioneering strategies to solve problems and reduce barriers. 

Foundations – LIFEDesigns services lead to employment, independence, and full community participation. 

Excellence – LIFEDesigns has the best employees, systems, and community reputation. 



  • At least 18 years of age 
  • A high school diploma or GED/HSE is required.
  • Documentation of freedom from communicable diseases 
  • Acceptable criminal history check 

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