LIFEDesigns receives funding for Wheelchair Accessible Van


LIFEDesigns purchased a wheelchair accessible transport van last fall, thanks to funding received from the City of Bloomington’s Jack Hopkins Social Services Fund, Smithville Charitable Foundation, and Bloomington’s Sunrise Rotary Club. This van now provides access to the community for about 140 people living in and around Monroe County. We expect this van will last for about 8 to 10 years, and over that time will meet the needs of over 180 people.

LIFEDesigns supports our customers to use public transportation when it is available to them, however people who live in rural areas, and want to travel at times or to locations where accessible transportation is not available are able to use this van to get where they need to go. This van has helped people get to work on time, visit family that lives out of town, and have access to community amenities they would not have otherwise been able to travel to.

Thank you so much to our grantors for this vehicle that has really made a difference in so many people’s lives!

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