In Loving Memory

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Outside of the opportunities for independence, Jody frequently explored his love for music. At family reunions he could always be spotted with the musicians in Betty’s family, engaging in the harmonic atmosphere and soaking in his love for a beautiful melody. Jody even owned a banjo, guitar, and harmonica where he could practice and further this love. Angela Jeffrey, a staff member heavily involved with Jody, reminisced on some memories jamming out to Bluegrass with Jody. Through Angela’s time with Jody a friendship blossomed, they sang Johnny Cash songs while on car rides and in Jody’s living room they frequently sang and danced to Bluegrass. As staff devoted their time to promote Jody’s independence, they were introduced to his fun-loving and mischievous nature. He touched the lives of so many staff members and could always put a smile on their faces.  

We are so grateful for the many memories and relationships that developed throughout Jody’s involvement in the LIFEDesigns community. We could not be more thankful for all the generous donations that have been made on his behalf. A huge thank you goes out to the individuals who made these donations, including the Deckard family and the many staff members that had the honor of working with Jody.  

In loving memory of Jody Deckard. 

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