Facebook Live Video Learning

As a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic (2020), the LIFEDesigns staff has created a variety of Facebook Live Video Learning activities for the clients that we serve. It is of utmost importance to LIFEDesigns to facilitate and maintain connectivity and to include all members of the community we serve in the face of isolation and social distancing. The variety of Facebook Live Video Learning activities that LIFEDesigns currently provides can be seen in the schedule above. See details below for more information on each activity. Enjoy!

Arts and Crafts with Brandi

Enjoy doing Arts and Crafts with Brandi as she walks you through new and exciting projects that are suitable for anyone!

Cooking with Alyssa

Cook and bake a variety of food and tasty treats with our Communications Coordinator, Alyssa. In this activity Alyssa describes each recipe step by step in a fun and engaging way! This is a great way to mix up what you do in the kitchen while we all have more time inside!

LD Learning club with Kristen

Explore with Kristen life skills that are needed to be successful!