Employee Wage Increase

LIFEDesigns increased wages by $3.00/hour effective in May.

We’re so excited to announce that through your support and careful planning, we were able to increase all employees’ wages by $3.00/hour this summer! This is really important to our clients, because we’ve been struggling to hire and keep good DSP’s (especially over the past 5 years). Since making this change, our current employees have been very happy (we’ve received lots of positive comments!), and we’ve been able to attract a lot of new employees. During the months of June and July we’ve hired around twice as many people as we’ve lost. We’ve also been steadily decreasing the number of hours we have to hire contract temporary direct support employees (which actually costs us about $5.00/hour). These are very positive signs as a direct result of the wage increase. We’re hoping over time to see that we’ll be able to be fully staffed and eventually be able to start accepting new clients again. This also means we’ll be able to serve our clients better by providing staff for all their available hours. This is also expected to help us keep our good employees for longer, and give us the opportunity to develop new employees into good and great employees. 

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