Employee Spotlights

Meet our employees who go above and beyond for LIFEDesigns

Employee Spotlight: David V.

David became LIFEDesigns’ new Director of Behavioral Services in October of 2020. This is a new position at LIFEDesigns, and we are so excited to have David on our team! As a director, he oversees meeting with our clients to review their records and provides training for employees on certain interventions and behavioral sports plans. He said that the most rewarding part of his job is to “observe clients being proud of themselves because they are able to do things or communicate when they were not previously able to do it on their own”. Welcome to the team, David!

Read more about David here.

DSP(s) of the Month:

Pete M.
“Pete has unyielding charisma and willingness to help. Pete will often use his own time and resources to support clients and is always (within reason) willing to pick up open shifts to support the team.”
Madelyn R.
“Madelyn always has a great attitude, treats clients and guardians well, and is always going above and beyond to help the team out.”
Kent B.
“Kent is always willing to jump in to help where needed!! He has been extremely flexible the past few weeks, working last-minute schedule changes with a client who is not part of his regular schedule or network. Kent always displays a positive attitude and clients enjoy working with him! Thank you, Kent for all your help!!”

Team Manager of the Month:

Kenna H.
 “Kenna is amazing, wonderful, and has went above and beyond. She has dealt with tough situations and handled them professionally. Her work and dedication to the agency is appreciated.”

Thank you for all you do!