Employee Campaign Challenge

front of cfbmc flyer

The Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County (CFBMC) has awarded LIFEDesigns a challenge grant offering a match of $0.50 for every $1.00 raised (up to $15,000) for our Endowment held at the CFBMC. In order to be eligible to receive any matching funds, we MUST raise $15,000 before January 31, 2020. We are sharing great news with everyone in our network: families, donors, businesses, ect. Our executive team has come up with a really fun challenge for our employees. Every employee is eligible for the great prizes below if they meet their personal fundraising goal:

  • For the first $50 raised of your personal fundraising goal, you get your choice of a free LIFEDesigns t-shirt or baseball cap.
  • For every $50 after that, you will be entered in a drawing to win $100 cash prize.

To participate in this challenge and be eligible to win prizes, you must track who you ask to give to our endowment fund. You can do this by downloading your pledge sheet or through Mighty Cause, a tool for online fundraising! If you use Mighty Cause, you don’t need to do anything. If you use the pledge form, you must turn your form into Stephanie Shelton or email to sshelton@lifedesignsinc.org. You may also hand them in at the front desk at the Winslow office.

About Our Endowment:

Community Foundations have matching opportunities like this to raise money for our cause. LIFEDesigns board of directors has invested in building our endowment fund. We see our endowment as an investment into our future sustainability. Because the gifts deposited to the endowment can never be spent, they generate interest that is paid out annually year after year!

Our current endowment is at a little over $80,000. Our goal for this particular campaign is to get our endowment fund up to $100,000, which means if we meet our fundraising goal of $15,000 we will get the match and be over our goal! Our endowment allows us to expand programs, serve more people, and helps provide regular revenue that can help us increase wages in the future.

Tips for Your Personal Fundraising Campaign:

  • Use the tools we provide for you:
    • Download the pledge sheet to track who you have asked and what they plan to do. Don’t forget to follow up with them and ask if they made the gift to the community foundation.
  • Utilize your social media pages:
    • If you use social media, set up your Mighty Cause personal campaign page. This makes tracking your goal much easier, and you can see who has already donated to your campaign
  • Share the new LIFEDesigns YouTube video with people you ask to give to our endowment to show them how we make a positive impact in people’s lives.
  • Remember to tell people that LIFEDesigns is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and their gifts to us are tax deductible to the extent of the law.
  • Share your own personal stories:
    • Why do you care about LIFEDesigns and our services to our clients?
    • Why is it important that the job of a DSP exists?
    • How does our work impact the community?
  • Most importantly, be sure to personally thank anyone who gives you a gift through your personal campaign. They’ll certainly get a “Thank You” and gift receipt through LIFEDesigns and the Community Foundation, but the “Thank You” is much more meaningful coming from you.

If you have any questions regrading the Employee Campaign Challenge or the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County Endowment Fund, please contact Stephanie Shelton at sshelton@lifedesignsinc.org or call 812-369-8460.