We believe people learn more through diverse experiences. Instead of holding our classes in a classroom throughout the day, our employees coordinate classes in our various communities where people can learn skills in the places they would normally happen.


Our program offers classes that are generally focused around the general areas of health, life skills, and social skills. Classes meet weekly and run for about 16 weeks. We change our class offerings 3 times a year, and always ask our customers what they are interested in learning as we plan for new classes. Although classes change regularly, there are some common themes: art and crafts (hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills), cooking healthy meals on a budget (nutrition & money management), recreational sports (team building & exercise), communication and relationships (social skills & reading and writing), science and nature (safety & exploration). Additionally we look for opportunities to offer exciting and unique classes like dance, performance arts, yoga, and just about anything you can imagine!

Community Engagement

While our classes are generally planned and led by our employees, we seek opportunities to partner with local businesses and professionals to offer volunteer opportunities to community members. We once organized an art class planned and led by volunteers from the Bloomington Watercolor Society. The class was held in at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center. Another really fun opportunity was a partnership with a local chef, who worked with our employees to plan and coordinate a cooking class. The chef volunteered his time and professional skills to teach the class tricks and secrets of the trade. Everyone enjoyed that class, even our employees learned  a thing or two! This can be a great volunteer experience for groups. We’ve had successful partnerships with the IU Occupational Therapy Club and the IU American Sign Language Club. We’re open to making new partnerships and exploring new ideas for classes to offer.

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