Recap of DSP Appreciation Week

Thanks to Our DSP’s for All They Do

DSP’s (Direct Support Professionals) are the support system for so many individuals all over the country and with the help of Williams Bros. Long-Term Care Pharmacy, during DSP Appreciation Week 2013 (Sept. 8th through 14th) we took EXTRA time to recognize and appreciate the work that they do. They are more than employees to LIFEDesigns, they are our rock. They are more than staff to the people with disabilities they work with, they are their rocks.

For being the rock to us all, we thank you.

For doing your job with excellence and persistence, we thank you.

For spending time support the dreams, visions, goals and ambitions of others, we thank you.

For working tirelessly….or sometimes tiredly….at your job, we thank you.

For everything you do that no one sees, but makes a world of difference, we thank you.

For all the times you have not received a thank you, we thank you.

LIFEDesigns LOVES OUR DSP’s! If you see a DSP, please, let them know you appreciate them and the work they do.

For this year’s DSP Appreciation Week we held a DSP Appreciation Car Wash (see Facebook for pictures) where office staff and managers washed the DSP’s cars. We also asked customers and their loved ones to send us “Thank You” letters to  our DSP’s. Below of phrases from those letters. At the end of the week we did a raffle for all DSP’s to win prizes (DSP’s – see Accel for winners and details on how to pick up your prizes). Prizes were courtesy of Williams Bros. Long-Term Care Pharmacy and the office staff at LIFEDesigns. We officially ended the week with a picnic Saturday, September 14th from 1-3pm at Donner Park in Columbus to thank all the DSP’s for the work they do. Thanks to Williams Bros. Long-Term Care Pharmacy for sponsoring that as well.

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 Read this letter from Susan Rinne, the LIFEDesigns CEO, thanking our DSP’s.

Below are phrases from letters customer family members sent in:

“Thank you so much for all you do for my brother and so many others who have special needs, and that includes the homeless people who you are now helping to have a home!”

“DSPs are the most important people in our daughter’s life.Her DSPs support her in so many ways.They have to be patient to learn what she wants and likes; how to communicate with her; how to teach her things; and how to lend a hand without “taking over.” They are vital to assisting her in the community. This means not only knowing what she enjoys but also helping her make plans and transporting her. DSPs are responsible for so many things—scheduling doctor and dental appointments as well as hair appointments, grocery shopping, etc.  DSPs assist her in choosing outfits; cleaning her apartment; communicating with us; and advocating for her when necessary.”

DSPs are like the umbilical cord from LIFEDesigns to the person.”

“You really have the power to influence the lives of each person you come in contact with and all the people who I have met in this position are influencing lives in a positive way.”

Our daughter is fortunate to have really responsible, caring DSPs.” 

“All of us have the potential to need life saving help from others. It’s so good to know that you are there helping in the many good ways that you do!”

We truly appreciate all of the many ways DSPs enrich our son’s life.”
“A good DSP becomes like extended family.”
“For many people, life couldn’t even come close to what we view as normal, like enjoying a trip to the store, the park, or attending a concert, church or a show. It’s almost impossible for many of us to imagine not being able to do these and many other things on our own, but it’s a reality for so many people, and it could happen to us at any time too. It wouldn’t be easy to depend on others for our basic needs, but it’s so good when people like you are there to be the hands and feet of those who have needs unlike our own. It’s so good when people help others the way they would want to be helped if they were in the same situation.”
“A good DSP often sets the mood for the day.
“Thank you for doing so much to turn the difficult times of others into times of praise and power, to live life to it’s fullest! You are appreciated in more ways than can be counted!”
“The DSPs that work with my son are outstanding. How fortunate we are.”
“My grandson just loves the DSPs who work with him. They are his friends.”
“To the LIFEDesigns DSPs: thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.”

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