Community Living

We believe in people and work to cultivate their talents and build on their strengths whether they are in Supported Living or Residential Living (Group Homes). The current trend is shifting focus toward home and community based supports for people and away from institutionalized care.

Supported Living

Supported Living offers a more independent lifestyle for people who want to make more choices in their lives, such as where they live, who they live with, and when they want to go into the community: shopping, eating out, friends, and more. Supported living services are individualized to meet people’s needs. Services can range from 24/7 to only a few hours per week.

LIFEDesigns at McKinley is our first housing development project for supported living. It is in Columbus, and features an open concept floor plan for the great room, dining room, and kitchen. There are two houses, and each one has 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms. In each house one bathroom has a wheel in shower, two bathrooms have a step in shower, and one bathroom has a tub. The houses are in a beautiful neighborhood, with great access to community activities, public transportation and parks. We hope to continue building more housing opportunities like this for supported living. We hope to build more houses like this to provide affordable, accessible housing to many more of our clients.


Residential or Group Home Living

This type of living offers more structure and support to people who prefer this type of environment. Independence is the goal of this service, working towards building life and employment skills and eventually moving into the community with less support. We work to ensure people live where and with whom they want. While LIFEDesigns operates 6 group homes, we’ve been able to close 3 in the past few years as we supported people to transition into Supported Living.

Each group home is located in neighborhoods near community activities and shopping. Our Highland group home was one that we were able to build new and plan for accessibility and private suites in the design. Each bedroom has it’s own bathroom, and the home features a large common area and open floor plan. It has a beautiful deck and overall is a welcoming home. The design with private bathrooms for each person has made it so much more enjoyable for the people living there. It is our vision that all of our homes could offer the private bathrooms one day. We encourage people to come visit and check out all the homes.


Respite for Families

Family members of someone with a disability often feel the most strain on their lives, and sometimes spend so much time taking care of their family member that they don’t have time to do things for themselves. Respite care for families provides a Direct Support Professional to provide support and care for the family member with a disability, while the other family members can get some things done for themselves, or just take a break from providing constant care to their family member. We provide respite services, and maintaining our community focus, try to find ways to help that person access their community: visit a local recreational center or park, attend movies or other types of entertainment, go shopping, meet friends, and more.


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