Chocolate Success

This year’s 2013 Week of Chocolate

brought over 1,200 people to the chocolate-themed events

and raised over $35,000 for the nonprofits involved

making it a great success!

The Week of Chocolate (WOC) is a week-long community-wide festival that took place this year from January 26th through February 2nd. It has been in existence for over 10 years!  Every day of the week a different nonprofit organization hosted a chocolate themed fundraising event to raise money in support of their mission.  All funds raised at each event go directly to the agency putting on the event (i.e., Amethyst House’s Wonka’s Chocolate Carnival event raised money exclusively for Amethyst House). Again this year, LIFEDesigns (formerly Options) organized the set-up for the festival and acted as the hosting agency for the WOC overall. However, the WOC was and also is a great collaboration between all of the agencies involved and would not be so successful year after year without everyone involved. This year’s nonprofit agencies included the Monroe County History Center, Pinnacle School, the Bloomington Moose Lodge, Martha’s House, Citizen’s Advocacy of South Central Indiana (CASCI), Rhino’s Youth Center, Amethyst House and LIFEDesigns.

Most of the organization’s hold the same event for their organization each year which become signature fundraisers for them. For example, Rhino’s Chocolate Prom is a highly anticipated event each year and is a tradition for the agency, bringing hundreds of youth to the Rhino’s Youth Center to dance the night away! This event, as always, was very successful this year. New this year, Pinnacle School’s Chocolate Challenge was added to our list of events, bringing a little friendly competition to the Week of Chocolate. Also new this was the Week of Chocolate Art Sale giving local artist a chance to sell their artwork. We hope these events become great traditions like the other events: the Art of Chocolate, Chocolate Prom, Sundaes on Saturday, Chocolate Bingo, the Murder Mystery and Wonka’s Chocolate Carnival.

The Week of Chocolate is a great way to raise awareness for the causes each organization supports while also enjoying something almost everyone loves: chocolate!  Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the most exciting fundraising week in Bloomington at the chilly end of January! ….and thanks for helping us spread the word about the work these great organizations do in our community.


Go to to check out all our pictures from the events!

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