Celebrate National Non-Profit Day with LIFEDesigns!

August 17th is National Non-Profit Day! The observance of this day is to encourage others to take some time to learn about non-profits & how their services better their community.  If you’re looking for ways to celebrate non-profit services & organizations like LIFEDesigns, making a donation or pledging a gift in honor of this special day is just one way to make meaningful contribution. 

Community engagement is very important to our clients and to us. Our mission, vision, and values highlight the importance of people being able to access their community: grocery shopping, work, social lives, and more. Community Living services provide the support people with disabilities need to gain access to their community in their daily lives. We rely on an engaged community of supporters who recognize the life-changing power of working in partnership with people with disabilities.

Everyone benefits when all individuals are welcome to participate as active citizens through appropriate supports. Our supporters enable people with disabilities to make meaningful contributions as self-directed and empowered community members.

Click here to make a donation to LIFEDesigns in honor of National Non-Profit Day!