Meet Crystal!

LIFEDesigns provides Crystal with support services to help her achieve independence. Crystal really enjoys going out in the community and socializing. Some of her favorite things to do are going to Starbucks, going on drives with our staff, and making arts & crafts with her roommates. Crystal also participates in our All Abilities Choir program and loves being able to practice her singing with others. 

Without staff support, our clients are limited to what they can and cannot do. In order to achieve our mission in partnering with & promoting independence for people with disabilities, we have to provide essential resources like staff assistance to help our clients live as independently as possible. Your donations help us provide staff support for Crystal so she can continue to look forward to her favorite things. If you are able, please consider donating to our 40th Anniversary Campaign & help us fundraise the necessary resources our clients need to achieve their independence. 

Meet Eldena!

Eldeana is the definition of a social butterfly! She loves to share her family history and talk about American history. She can recite almost the entire Gettysburg Address and really likes to hear and share stories about the American revolution and Civil War time periods.  

Her oldest brother served in 3 different military branches, and patriotism is very important to her. Eldeana cherishes an old “Secretary” an antique piece of furniture her mom left her. She stores some of her arts and crafts supplies in it and displays her favorite knickknacks and art.  

Eldeana also loves to cook, something she learned from her mother. She remembers her mom’s blackberry cobbler, which was the best around! She enjoyed picking blackberries for her mom when she was young. She has a photo of her mom and dad in her bedroom from before they were married. She likes looking at the photos and remembering her father’s coal black hair and mother’s fiery red hair. If you get the chance to meet Eldeana, she’ll share these and more stories with you. 

Eldeana receives housing & staff support from LIFEDesigns. Because she enjoys being social, it’s important that we are able to provide her with staff support so she can do the things she wants to do & participate in activities that make her happy. We want Eldeana and all of our clients to be active community members, but if we don’t have enough staff support, we have to limit what our clients can and cannot do. 

If you can & are able, please consider donating to our 40th Anniversary Campaign & help us provide staff support for our clients who want to be part of their community. Your donations mean so much to our agency, clients, & their family members and we thank you for supporting LIFEDesigns and our mission in partnering with & promoting independence for individuals with disabilities.

Meet Anna!

A few years ago, LIFEDesigns partnered with the South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities to reserve some of the affordable Switchyard apartments for people with disabilities. Being able to provide a safe & affordable living environment for our clients who want to live independently is a something we take very seriously. We are happy to share that we’ve been able to place several of our clients in these apartments where they have access to their community and can safely live independently!

Last year, LIFEDesigns was able to help Anna reserve one of the Switchyard apartments, where she  is able to walk and use public transportation to do the things she wants to do. Anna was really happy about living so close to a skatepark, as that is one of her favorite things to do. She even has a collection of old skateboards, which she refurbishes so she can get a little more use out them and keeps some as decorations to hang on her wall at her apartment. 

With the help of our services, Anna is able to live on her own and enjoy the life she chose for herself. There are hundreds more people just like Anna who have unique interests and need someone to support and guide them through the steps it takes to accomplish their personal and life goals. Your donation gives the gift of support through individualized staff who work daily with people like Anna.

Click here to help an individual with disabilities achieve independence by donating to our 40th Anniversary Campaign. Thank you for supporting LIFEDesigns!


Meet Steve!

Steve is an employment client here at LIFEDesigns. He is originally from Shelbyville, IN, but moved to Columbus, IN in 1979 to receive services from ResCare. Steve is currently working towards living independently and having his own place. In his free time, he likes to go fishing, camping, horseback riding, farming, talking on the phone with his sister & nephew, and hanging out with sister.

Prior to his current job, Steve worked on a farm, which he really enjoyed. Unfortunately, after Steve’s father passed away, he had to take time away from that job to help his mom around the house. However, Steve still had goals of living on his own, and he knew he needed to work to achieve those goals. With our employment services and some help from a few LIFEDesigns Employment Coaches, Steve landed a job at Goodwill, where he has now been employed for almost 4 years! He helps with stocking, cleaning, making sure items are in the correct places, and helps wherever it’s needed. 

When we asked Steve how LIFEDesigns has impacted his life, he responded “LIFEDesigns helped me get this job at Goodwill. Without my employment coach, I would not have gotten this job. LIFEDesigns never gave up on me. At first, I just volunteered at Goodwill. Then, they offered me a job. I did not expect to get offered a job.”.

We see first hand how difficult it can be for individuals with disabilities be given an opportunity to work in their community. We all have goals and things we want to accomplish, and we each deserve a chance to work and chase those goals. Your donations help our clients achieve their dreams, see their worth, feel accomplished, and become more independent.

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Meet Aaron

Aaron receives employment services at LIFEDesigns. Originally from Noblesville, Aaron moved to Bloomington in 1996 to have a better opportunity for education. Because Aaron has mild autism, school was never something he looked forward to. He would often be teased by others because of his Autism and found it was not an environment he could thrive in.

With the help of his family, friends, and support services, today Aaron is thriving! He is an active community member and is involved with a number of clubs like Aktion Club, Kwanis Club, Special Olympics, and was even a member on the LIFEDesigns Board of Director a few years ago (you also may have seen him host at the Aktion Club of LIFEDesigns annual Talent Show). Aaron enjoys supporting IU Athletics, bowling, and movies. He hopes to go on a vacation to Disney World and attend a Chicago Cubs game.

Prior to COVID, LIFEDesigns helped Aaron find a job with IU Athletic Dining and would work about 11 hours a week. When the pandemic hit, Aaron (along with many others) was laid off from this job he enjoyed so much. However, he did not let that get him down. Since this major change, LIFEDesigns has been working with Aaron on interview skills, job searching, and benefits & counseling. 

Your donations help us keep our clients motivated and learning. Everyone deserves an opportunity to find employment in their community, despite having a disability. If you want to make an impact on someone’s life, pledge a gift in honor of 40th Anniversary by clicking here!

Meet Gary!

Gary has lived in institutions most of his life. He lived for many years in Tennessee, where he met a man named “Father Chad” who was married, and had a family of his own. When Father Chad was transferred to a church in Bloomington, IN, he and his family asked Gary to move with them to Bloomington. Gary was happy to make that move.  

Things became somewhat difficult for Father Chad and his wife to provide the support and care that Gary needed with their young children. In the 80’s, Gary first moved into supported living on his own with LIFEDesigns (Options at the time).  

Today, Gary lives on his own, receives support from staff, and worked for many years until he retired. Gary loves magic shows, magicians, magic tricks, and everything related. He is also very dedicated to his health, and attends a gym regularly. Gary also loves to make others laugh and has a great sense of humor (he’s even given many of our administrative staff nicknames that are quite unique)!

Because of your donations, we are able to provide a home for Gary. As a non-profit, we depend on donations to support our clients so they can live their most independent and fulfilled life with the help of our staff and services. Help us continue to provide support services to Gary and so many others by donating to our 40th Anniversary Campaign and pledge a one-time or monthly gift. 

Click here to donate! Thank you for supporting Gary and all of our clients at LIFEDesigns