Building a Better, More Inclusive Community

Our services provide the support people with disabilities need to gain access to their community in their daily lives. Engaging in community activities brings opportunities of learning, understanding, awareness, and so much more. Sometimes, people with certain kinds of disabilities have greater difficulty interacting in social encounters. Learning to “fit in” to society can be challenging, especially for someone with an intellectual disability. Engaging in conversation, maintaining eye contact, or trying something new can be a scary experience, which is why we provide support services for those we serve.

LIFEDesigns offers emotional and social supports to teach the skills needed to learn social and professional expectations. These skills cannot be taught by sitting at home in isolation. We encourage our Direct Support Professionals and those who work hands-on with our clients to engage in community activities like visiting a new store, trying a new hobby, eating new foods, etc. Our clients greatly need these support services to achieve independence and accomplish their goals! When you donate to LIFEDesigns, you’re contributing to a better, more inclusive community where everyone is valued, and everyone belongs. Click here to make a donation and learn more about services, our clients need you!