Behavior Support Services

Behavior Services at LIFEDesigns, Inc.

The following information explains the role of a Behavior Consultant, gives examples of how he/she/they can help, and clarifies expectations. 

What does a Behavior Consultant do?

  • Works with the person served & the person’s family, guardians, and staff to help manage the person served behavior
  • Provides services in any environment, including the home, workplace, residential facilities, day service programs, and in the community. Observes in schools, when appropriate.
  • Assesses and intervenes with behavior difficulties by developing an individualized plan to target maladaptive behaviors, suggest replacement behaviors, help develop skills, and provide support to the people around the persons served
  • Works with a team surrounding the person served, made up of family, guardians, staff, case managers, and other service providers to support the person served to live as independently and as vibrantly as possible. Includes attending quarterly and annual meetings for the person served
  • Makes regular visits to the environments in which the person served has behavior challenges
  • Conducts a Functional Behavior Assessment plan and formulates a Behavior Support Plan specifying the target and replacement behaviors
  • Develops medication reduction plans, when necessary
  • Trains the people around the person served to implement interventions and strategies in the Behavior Support Plan
  • Writes monthly and quarterly reports to document behavior issues and progress made
  • Consults with other professionals on the person served team
  • Evaluates and monitors the person served progress in making changes and growing skills using data collected by staff and caregivers on data sheets

How can a Behavior Consultant Help?

Behaviorists can help in many ways by providing training, supervision, or assistance in:

  • Appropriate expression and management of emotions
  • Compliance
  • Assertiveness and advocacy
  • Acquisition of socially appropriate behaviors, daily living skills, and social skills
  • Stress reduction techniques

What to expect from your Behavior Consultant? 

  • Knowledgeable, passionate care and advocacy from a person who has dedicated her life to helping others
  • Timely, reliable visits
  • Timely responses to phone calls or emails
  • The development of an ongoing, supportive relationship with the person served and their caregivers
  • Honest, truthful discussions aimed at benefiting the person served and those around him/her
  • Willingness to seek input from others because it is often the people who work and live day-to-day with the person served who know them best

What your Behavior Consultant expects of you?

  • Willingness to work as a team to support the person served
  • Timely responses to phone calls or emails
  • Notification of cancellation of appointments as soon as possible
  • Honest, truthful discussions aimed at benefiting the person served and those around him/her
  • Seeking assistance from her when you have questions, comments, or concerns
  • Check-ins about the person served current behavior issues and progress before meeting with the person served, which can be done in phone calls, emails, or face-to-face meetings

Meet your Behavior Consultants!

Daniel Winemiller, MSSW, LCSW

Daniel resides in Newburgh, Indiana. He has worked in various roles within field for 29 years, with 15 years providing Behavior Support Services. Daniel currently serves as the supervisor for behavior services with DSI as well as carrying a caseload. He currently provides services in Daviess, Knox, Pike, Vanderburgh, Posey, and Warrick Counties in Southwest Indiana. You can contact Daniel at or phone 812-746-9238.

Linda Schroer, MA

Linda received her Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Indiana University Purdue University Columbus. Linda has served as a Behavior Consultant with individuals who live both in waiver and group home settings for the past 6 years.

Chelsea Price, MSW, LCSW

Chelsea received her MSW from University of Southern Indiana and has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Indiana University. Chelsea has served as a Behavior Consultant since 2015.