Annual Awards a HUGE Success!

(above is a picture of Susan Rinne, our CEO, with the 2013-2014 LIFEDesigns’ Board of Directors. Pictured here from left to right: (front row) Rachelle Bennett, Kara Raegan, Susan Rinne, Vonnie Peischl, Ginger Thomas (back row) Becky Wann, Aaron Smith, Jim Krause, Brian O’Neill, Logan Good, Michael Carmin, Jennie Todd. Not pictured: Fred Roedl, Bill Atkinson.)

LIFEDesigns Celebrates the Accomplishments of
Employees, Customers and Volunteers at the 2014 Annual Awards Celebration

LIFEDesigns, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Annual Awards Ceremony was held on May 28th at the Seasons Lodge in Nashville, IN. With more than 200 people in attendance, it was a huge success! These supporters came together to demonstrate a commitment to partnering with people with disabilities to bring about self-directed and enriched lives by offering opportunities for people to work and live in communities that are inclusive. 

Adria Nassim, Adria’s Village

At the event, LIFEDesigns celebrated the success of the agency and accomplishments of staff, customers, volunteers, donors and community members in 2013. The theme for the evening was T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More. Guest Speaker, Adria Nassim of Adria’s Village, spoke about keeping the individual with the disability at the forefront of all decision making. Our customers are always the main focus of the team. Adria said, “There IS an “I” in team…it’s me!” as she rallied everyone in the room to always remember to keep the focus on the person with the disability that the team is there to support. She directed her comments to parents first, then staff, then the individuals themselves. She spoke about the “toolkit” everyone who works with people with disabilities should have, emphasizing that communicating and listening to the person is the most important tool. Adria has autism and has a B.A. in Marketing. She works in marketing currently and also speaks to many different audiences about how they can support individuals like her. To find out more about Adria and the work she does or to book her for a speaking engagement or a training, please visit her website: You can also find her on Facebook by searching for Adria’s Village.

Many people were recognized for the work they did with and for LIFEDesigns in 2013. The winners of this year’s LIFEDesigns Awards were:

  • Optimism Award – Patty Parker
  • Lois Edwards Memorial Award- Bryan Hall
  • Community Service Awards – Jake May and Brandi Hamilton
  • Day-Morgan Employee Recognition Award- Matt Brookshire
  • DSP of the Year Award – Allison Strang
  • Supervisor of the Year Award – Caitlyn Bryan
  • Team of the Year Award – Fairlawn
  • Bob Magee Volunteer of the Year Memorial Award- Nancy Szakaly
Becky Wann

LIFEDesigns’ Stewardship Award went to Becky Wann. Becky is a local RE/MAX realtor in town who has graciously donated her professional assistance on the purchase of our Winslow office in 2013. She was instrumental in that transaction and it would not have been completed without her. She was also a sponsor of the LIFEDesigns Homeward Bound Walk Team. Becky was also one of the founding members of the Art of Chocolate, LIFEDesigns’ largest annual fundraising. She has stayed involved with that event ever since its inception. She is a board member, currently the Treasurer, and has been a strong supporter for many years. Her continued support of LIFEDesigns and our customers shows her dedication to our agency and the work we do in our communities.

LIFEDesigns celebrated the service of many staff members, including Susan Rinne, Nancy Crandall, Joseph Connor and Andrew Scheerer, who each received awards for 15 years of service. Lori Nei, Timothy Baer, Erwin Punzalan and Lisa VanDeventer, each received awards for 10 years of service. There were more than 30 people who received awards for 5 years of service and more than 20 people who received awards for 2 years of service. There were more than 100 people, including customers, staff and volunteers who received Certificates of Excellence for being nominated to receive an award and showing excellence in 2013.

Logan Good

The evening was sponsored exclusively by Logan Good, registered representative of Western and Southern Life. Logan is a board member and strong supporter of the work LIFEDesigns does in the community with individuals with disabilities. Thanks Logan!

CONTACT: Susan Rinne, or 800-875-9615 for more information or to schedule interviews with awards winners or staff. Pictures of the event will also available upon request or also on Facebook!

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