Become a LIFEDesigns Ambassador

Advocates in the Community– LIFEDesigns is growing throughout Bartholomew, Brown, Greene, Johnson, Lawrence, Monroe, Morgan, and Owen counties by providing more services and support to people with disabilities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to gain independence in their lives through our staff support, resources, education, and employment services. We work toward these goals by providing activities that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community and are looking for community members to help us accomplish inclusion and independence for people with disabilities. If you are interested in being a LIFEDesigns Ambassador, please fill out the form below to receive more information!

As an Ambassador you will: 

  • Give – Donate or Pledge to LIFEDesigns 
  • Engage – Attend, assist, or volunteer with 1 or more LIFEDesigns event(s) such as the Golf Scramble, Month of Chocolate5K Walk/Run, PenPal Program, etc.
  • Raise – Awareness by sharing LIFEDesigns information with friends, family, and networks including participating in our Advocacy Campaign
  • Share – Share social media posts to your personal page(s) and share LIFEDesigns information at any opportunity
  • Connect – Assist LIFEDesigns with making connections to clubs, boards, organizations that you belong to or have connections with
  • Understand – Understand the organization’s programs and fundingUnderstand the role we play in the community and how we make a positive difference. Know how others can help make a difference, and examples of how donations help people with disabilities become independent. 


As an Ambassador you commit to doing the following: 

  • Make annual gifts totaling at least $1,000 
  • Participate in our Advocacy Campaign by having monthly discussions about LIFEDesigns
  • Invite others in your network to social events and meetings to share LIFEDesigns work and create new individual connections 
  • Be a spokesperson for LIFEDesigns among your peers and workgroups 
  • Create lasting connections that can benefit and strengthen LIFEDesigns services throughout communities 
  • Participate in at least 1 LIFEDesigns event either by attending, volunteering, or sponsoring 

Jake_2048pxExamples of Ambassador Activities: 

  • Joining the Development or Audit Committee   
  • Bringing a friend or coworker to an Ambassador meeting and sharing your experience as an ambassador with them 
  • Hosting a personal fundraising event to raise awareness and funds for LIFEDesigns amongst friends, family, coworkers 
  • Setting up a presentation at a local club or group for a LIFEDesigns staff member to share our work and encourage others to get involved 

If you are interested in being a LIFEDesigns Ambassador, please fill out the form below to sign up! If you would like to join our efforts in a different way, please click this link to Apply to Volunteer or this link to Donate to LIFEDesigns. If you have any questions, please contact Community Engagement Specialist, Robin Walker at