The primary function of the Corporation is to partner with and promote independence for people with disabilities. The Corporation will provide services that enhance individuals’ personal dignity, promote development of their capabilities, and enable individuals with disabilities to participate fully in their community. The Corporation will conduct and participate in educational and advocacy activities for the benefit of persons served by the Corporation, including but not limited to the promotion of health, general welfare, quality of life and safe, decent and affordable housing.

To partner with and promote independence for people with disabilities.

We envision communities that support all people, where each person is valued, and where everyone belongs.

Our strategic plan goals are focused around the “LIFE” that we believe everyone deserves.

Leadership in person centered services that lead to jobs, homes, and full community lives.
nnovation in service delivery to adapt to current and future industry changes.
oundation for new initiatives and continued growth.
xcellence in workforce development that stays and grows with us.

The goals and expectations of our clients and their families direct our actions.
We design services to achieve independence, employment, and enrich lives within the community.
Every client, employee and stakeholder deserves dignity and respect.
Creativity and innovation are the keys to our success.
Collaboration is essential to achieving our mission.

Our Clients

We call the individuals we serve “clients” to keep with our client-oriented philosophy: we do everything with the clients in mind first. We measure client satisfaction and client service and build our services around client responses. We recognize that it is a privilege to serve the individuals that we work with and not a right: each individual we serve has a choice regarding where they receive their services, and we are honored that they choose LIFEDesigns.

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Russell Bonanno joined LIFEDesigns in October 2017. He comes to us from his most recent roles: Director of the Autism Program of Illinois and non-profit consultant. He moved to Bloomington from Springfield, IL. Much of his background includes experience with policy and advocacy. He also has a strong background in marketing and program evaluation. He has been a member of the Illinois Autism Task Force, the Governor’s Health Care Reform Implementation Workgroup on Workforce Development, The Arc of Illinois, and the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics conference committees. He has experience in securing two federal grants to improve libraries accessibility to and services for individuals with autism and their families.

Russell Bonanno
Chief Executive Officer
Lori began employment with LIFEDesigns in 2004 when the company was previously called “Options for Better Living”. Her first position was an Accounts Payable Staff Accountant and we are very lucky to have her assume her new role of Chief Financial Officer! Lori is an accomplished and very helpful employee. Her Associates Degree in Accounting from Ivy Tech and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Indiana Wesleyan help her accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. All around, Lori is an individual whom we all love and we are very lucky to have her a part of our team!

Lori Schopmeyer
Chief Financial Officer
Amy has been with LIFEDesigns for a little over 22 years. From 1998 to 2003, Amy has worked as a Medical Coordinator, Team Manager and QMRP at the Winslow and Dunn group homes. Recently, she has been promoted as Director of Human Resources! Amy has always felt that her team was made up of likeminded individuals, who share passion to support those around them, whether it be a client or team member. She has met and worked with many amazing individuals over the years and has had the opportunity to watch the agency and clients grow with achieving milestones along the way. Additionally, Amy’s hopes and wishes for the agency is for it to continue being a leader in the non-profit field by providing excellent care and services to our beloved clients.

Amy Joslin
Director of Human Resources
Kristen has been with LIFEDesigns since the beginning of 2018. As the Director of Community Relations, Kristen manages the Development, Communications, and Marketing Departments. Kristen also recruits interns and volunteers for the agency and her team facilitates all employee and client events. Kristen is a Bloomington Chamber Ambassador and Faculty Advisor for Kiwanis Aktion Club of LIFEDesigns. She is a member of SCI Kiwanis and The Local Council of Women. Kristen earned her Bachelors Degree at Indiana University with a concentration on Public Health, Sociology, and counseling psychology. Kristen makes it her mission to know the clients personally and often works extra DSP shifts to help cover other employees.

Kristen King
Director of Community Relations
[Open Position]
Director of Residential Services
Cindy started working with LIFEDesigns in 1999. She has an MA in Telecommunications and an MS in Counseling Psychology. As Director of Facilities she is responsible for the management and oversight of all LIFEDesigns facilities and is a member of the housing development team. She oversees the physical maintenance and operations of buildings facilities, and building systems. She assists with planning and execution of all facilities construction, renovation and preventative maintenance. Cindy manages leases and budgets related to building and facilities. Cindy has earned the CAPS Designation (Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist) to assist persons with aging in their homes and the SCS Certification (Site Compliance Specialist). Cindy has completed the Permanent Supportive Housing Institute and received additional training in fair housing, low income housing tax credits, managing RHTC compliance, and creative aging.

Cindy Fleetwood
Director of Facilities
Brandi Hamilton is the Director of Community Services and has been with LIFEDesigns since November 2006. She has a B.S in Recreation and Sports Management with an emphasis in Recreation Therapy from Indiana State University. She has over 20 years of experience in the disability field that started at Bradford Woods doing summer and outdoor education and eventually landed her here at LIFEDesigns! Brandi coaches her son’s soccer team and loves to watch her kids play sports. She loves to be around all people and enjoys helping other people find their passion and meet their goals. She has been fortunate to have several mentors in her life and career who pushed her to learn and grow. She also credits her sports coaches who taught her to work hard and not give up.

Brandi Hamilton
Director of Community Services
When humans experience illness in life, it is not uncommon for it to affect many aspects of their lives. It is my passion to provide healing, guidance and coordination of healthcare needs to all whom we serve. The focus on wellness through monitoring, education and guidance to ensure our clients are the “best selves” they can be. I began my nursing career as a new LPN graduate working the midnight shift as a charge nurse in 2001. I returned to school to pursue my RN degree and accomplished this in 2015. Upon graduating and receiving my RN license, I was promoted to the DON of a large ICF/DD facility. I successfully revised and implemented corporate policies, as well as managing medical staff and departmental purchasing and served as the Program Director for the 105 hour Nurse Aide program. In my currently position I hold the title of Health Services Director. Even with the title, I prefer to be patient centered and focus on the Healthcare coordination aspects of the job. Health Care Coordination is an integrated plan which monitors health services that customers receive. HCC services are comprised of a number of strategies, approaches, and methodology. While LifeDesigns’ refers to its program as “Health Care Coordination” the services are designed to meet the needs of the individual.

Renee Clevenger
Health Services Director
LIFEDesigns CEO, Russell J. Bonanno MEd, is receiving the Executive Leadership Award at the INARF Conference 2021. Click here to read more.

Current Board Members

Our board consists of community members who represent a wide range of careers, geographic locations that we serve, and connections to LIFEDesigns and the people we serve.  Board members participate in our fundraising events and usually take part in the development committee in creating and planning events and activities that benefit our clients and agency. We are so thankful to have a team of board members who care about our clients, community and mission. To learn more about the Board’s duties and responsibilities, please contact our CEO Russell Bonanno by email,, to request our organizational by-laws.

Terry PattersonChair
Terry, and his wife Dixie Patterson, are one of the founding parents of Options for Better Living for people with disabilities which was the start of LIFEDesigns.
Edward Ryan, Vice Chair/Treasurer

Emily Rosolowski, Secretary

Sarah Burgess, CHDO Representative
Olsen and Co. CPAs
Sharon Taylor
Central Credit Union
Kenneth Branaman
Troy Whittington  
Harrell-Fish, Inc.
Adam Hadley
Indiana University

The City of Bloomington and the Bloomington Volunteer Network today recognized Terry and Dixie Patterson as recipients of the 2021 Be More Dedicated Award for a Lifetime of Service.

Click here to see the full press release on the Be More Awards and read more about the Pattersons!

Crystal Abbott Paul Anderson Jon William “Bill” Atkinson
Rachelle Bennett David Bishop William Bushaw
Jeannine Butler Michael Carmin Karen Conner
Leo Cook Joe Courtney Rebecca Davis
Ron Davis George Dreher Cara Evans
Christine Geary Teressa Grossi Ric Heeter
Chris Iversen Marina Krenz Bob Magee
Karin May Jim McCorkle Carla McGee
Sara Mobley Ellen “Cookie” Mufson Will Murphy
Adria Nassim Muriel Nazzari Harriet Nickas
Dixie Patterson Vonnie Peischl Kara Reagan
Margie Rice Christina Richardson N. Suzie Rimstidt
Amy Ripberger Fred Roedl Mary Beth Roedl
Liz Root Kim Ruf Steve Ruiz
Dinesh Sahi Shelley Sallee Charles Shrake
Aubrey Kearney Vernon Smith Ginger Thomas
Sophia Travis Virginia “Ginger” White David Westenberger
Amber Miller Phil Reinhard  Jennie Todd
 Becky Wann  Kelly Walsh  Sarah Burgess
 Jake May  Aaron Smith  Tim Hightower


Amy Joslin
Director of Human Resources
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 266

Sheri Allen
HR Generalist
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 265

Hailey Clark
Recruitment Specialist
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 263

Eddie Barrueta
Human Resources Temp

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Lori Schopmeyer
Chief Financial Officer
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 203

Vern Hageman
Office Manager
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 201

Jennifer Merrick
Accounts Receivable Staff Accountant

Bric Compton
Accounts Receivable Staff Accountant
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 269

Barbara Sandage
Payroll Staff Accountant
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 215

Kristen King
Director of Community Relations
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 212

Robin Walker
Community Relations Specialist
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 218

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Alyssa Walls
Communications Coordinator
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 212

Sally Tran
Community Relations Fellow

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Zoe Verteramo
Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE) Intern

Learn more about Zoe.

Brandi Hamilton
Director of Community Services and Employment
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 227

Victoria Burke
Employment Consultant

JD Cowden
Employment Consultant

Matthew Brookshire
Employment Consultant
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 202

Elizabeth Rybachek
Employment Consultant

Melynda Long
Employment Consultant 

Joshua Pitney
Columbus Employment Consultant
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 300

Cindy Fleetwood
Director of Facilities
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 208

Dave Lewis
Head of Maintenance
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 222

James (Jim) Johnson
Maintenance Tech


  •  Director of Residential Services
  •  Assistant Director of Residential Services
  • Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional
  • Client Finance Coordinator 

Rebecca Chambers
Continuous Quality Improvement Manager (CQIM)

Learn more about Rebecca.

Timothy Baer
Administrative Assistant

Thorin Danielsen
Administrative Assistant

Kevin Reeves
Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional
(812) 332-9615, Ext. 109

Shannon Wilson
Continuous Quality Improvement Specialist

Learn more about Shannon.


Andrew Turpin, Service Coordinator
Nicole Riley, Team Manager
Matt McGlocklin, Team Manager
Jordan McClain, Team Manager
Courtney Abbitt, Team Manager
Jennifer Whittaker, Team Manager
Team Manager, OPEN


Charity Peters, Service Coordinator
Amanda Ruble, Team Manager
Wil Stahly, Team Manager
Emily Hall, Team Manager


Amanda Burton, Service Coordinator
Andrew Camp, Team Manager
Cindy Payne, Team Manager
Greg Wright, Team Manager
Angela Jeffrey, Team Manager
James Gilmartin, Team Manager
Jennifer HughesTeam Manager


Alli Marrs, Service Coordinator
Ben Irving, Team Manager
Greg Banks, Team Manager
Molly Scott, Team Manager
Kenna Hardin, Team Manager
Shelby VanDeventer, Team Manager


David VanDeventer
Director of Behavioral Services

Renee Clevenger
Director of Nursing

Rachel Hodnett

Erin Thurston

Susan Surber

Lauren May, Team Manager – Dunn Evelyn Kaek, Team Manager – Limestone
  Emily Avila, Team Manager – Highland