ANCOR Action Alert Regarding Federal HCBS Funding

Congress is currently negotiating its budget reconciliation bill, and the House version of the bill includes $190 billion for the HCBS program. This amount falls far short of the promise President Biden made in his American Jobs Plan to invest $400 billion in HCBS. While ANCOR celebrates this historic investment in the HCBS program, the level of financing is insufficient to sustain access and stabilize the direct care workforce. The dire conditions facing our nation’s direct care workforce demand a greater investment.
Participate in ANCOR’s action alert to ask your member of Congress include sufficient funding for HCBS in the budget reconciliation bill.
As an INArf Member, we plan to do our part in taking action and passing along this information. Please share with anyone who may be interested or affected by this reconciliation bill.

Click here to take action!

United Way Campaign 2021

The United Way plays a significant role in our community, as the United Way Member Agencies work together to make sure that all members of the community of various ages and facing different struggles receive the support they need. Every year, during the month of October, LIFEDesigns holds an office campaign to raise money for the United Way. We strongly encourage all of our employees at LIFEDesigns to participate in this campaign, as the United Way gives us over $30,000 in funding each year!

Campaign activities will last throughout the month of October & include:

Jeans for a Cause:

Every day is casual day in October! This campaign activity gives our staff an opportunity to dress down for the day with a pair of jeans just by donating a minimum of $1.00. 

Penny War:

This is an office favorite! LIFEDesigns employees nominated 12 of their colleagues to compete in the Penny War competition. Each nominee has a jar with their name on it that is placed in the lobby of our office. Staff and visitors can bring in silver change and dollar bills to give the Nominee’s positive points, and penny’s for negative points.  All penny’s are worth minus $1 each. This is the ULTIMATE PENNY WAR! The 3 nominees with the lowest amount of money will get a special “pie” at the Halloween Party on Oct. 27th at the Bloomington Moose Lodge! 

We want to thank The United Way for all they do for LIFEDesigns and our community. We look forward to hosting this campaign every year and give back to an organization that gives so much. Thank you, United Way! 

The Importance of Community Engagement

Community Engagement is very important to our clients and to us. We know that being an active community member is essential to achieving independence, which is why we encourage our Direct Support Professionals and staff members to engage in community outings. Being an active community member brings opportunities to strengthen different skills, etiquette, and proper behavior.

Unfortunately, we saw a rise in behavior issues with some of our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to many of our clients being high risk, they were unable to engage in community activities and outings. Since the vaccine became available, we have been working on safely getting our clients back out in the community and participating in things they enjoy (and us too!) so they can continue to work on and strengthen skills that are needed to achieve independence.

LIFEDesigns receives so much support from local organizations, and we love when we can return the favor! Recently, some of our clients visited Morgansterns, a new bookstore in town and they absolutely loved it, especially their snacks! Our mission, vision, and values highlight the importance of people being able to access their community and engagements like this provide meaningful opportunities for people with disabilities.

Meet our DSP, Maria!

Our Direct Support Professionals work hands-on with our clients and form real relationships and bonds with the individuals we serve. When we talk with our DSP’s about their job and relationships with our clients, we’re reminded why agencies like LIFEDesigns are needed in communities. Read below to hear from Maria, a Direct Support Professional at LIFEDesigns!


“I’ve been working with LIFEDesigns since July of 2019! When I finished college my goal was to find a job where I was helping and changing lives. LIFEDesigns lets me achieve that goal. My favorite part about the job is getting to work directly with people and being with them throughout their days. I truly enjoy the relationships I have created with everyone in this company and how supportive everyone is to each other. Seeing people grow and achieve their goals is something I love to continue seeing.”

Thank you, Maria, for going above & beyond. Your dedication to our clients and mission to partner with & promote independence for people with disabilities is inspiring. Keep being amazing!!

Meet Ellen, a Direct Support Professional!

Happy Direct Support Professional Recognition Week! In celebration of this special week, we’re introducing a few of our DSP’s and sharing their stories. 

Meet DSP, Ellen!

“I have been 8 years with LD. I love the people I work with, they all have taught me amazing things, and in many ways we have grown together. I look forward to retiring someday but I hope to still work part-time  with some of our amazing clients.”

Thank you, Ellen, for all you do! 

Interested in being a DSP yourself? Consider working for LIFEDesigns, we’re hiring! 


Meet Our DSP, Nevin!

In honor of Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, we’re introducing a few of our amazing DSP’s!

Meet Nevin, A Direct Support Professional at LIFEDesigns!

“I have been working for LIFEDesigns since January of 2021. My favorite thing about working for LIFEDesigns so far is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other human beings simply by being present with them during their day to day activities. There is no better feeling than having a client reach a behavioral goal or simply sharing a smile together.  I plan to continue my studies in a masters program, either social work or religious studies. I hope to then acquire my doctorate in one of those fields and eventually be able to look back to how this position led me professionally and personally to finding my path as a person in society looking to do good.” 

Thank you for all you do, Nevin! Your dedication to our clients and our mission to partner with & promote independence for people with disabilities means so much. Thanks for being GREAT!!!

Interested in being a DSP yourself? Consider working for LIFEDesigns, we’re hiring!