Celebrating Employment Successes

Employment Pic to go with storyWe don’t think anyone will dispute that 2020 has been a difficult year. However, we want to focus on the positive and celebrate some successes despite all the barriers that Covid created.  21 LIFEDesigns employment clients found gainful employment in the community they live in making competitive wages during the 2020 year.  The average rate of pay for those job placements is $12.04 an hour which is up from 2019.  Several clients were offered employment at over $17 an hour.  While 13 clients with active VR cases were laid off due to Covid, 8 of those employees  have returned back to work.  LIFEDesigns received less Vocational Rehabilitation referrals this past year and our Employment Consultants closed over 15 cases successfully.   

Our Employment Consultants have been treating all the barriers as if they are just minor inconveniences and have continued to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the support they need to continue on their path to independence.   Well done employment team!