Community Living 

– Supported Living

– Residential

– Respite Services

Community Living services are broken down into two types: Supported Living and Residential (or Group Home) Living.

Supported Living offers a more independent lifestyle for individuals who want to make more choices in their lives, such as where they live, who they live with, and when they want to go into the community (shopping, eating out, etc.).

Residential or Group Home Living offers more structure and support to individuals who have greater support needs. Independence is the goal of this service, working towards independence in daily living with the goal to eventually move into Supported Living.


Support Services

– Assistive Technology

– Behavior Support Services

– Health Care Coordination

Support services are offered to supplement Community Living services and achieve greater independence over time. These services are based on the needs of the individual, and what works well for each person.

Assistive Technology – LIFEDesigns offers a unique life security (video) monitoring system that allows individuals to live more independently without support staff in their homes overnight. We call this service Nite Owl. This video monitoring service connects a customer directly to our staff (not a call center), our employees know the customers individual history, specific needs, and interests. This allows a customer to be in their own home without staff for some time throughout the day, but still be only the push of a button away from support if needed.

Behavior Support Services – Behavior support services offers emotional and social supports to teach skills needed to integrate to social expectations, and professional work environments. LIFEDesigns works collaboratively with several Behavior Support specialists who offer individualized coaching and mentoring.

Health & Wellness Coordination – LIFEDesigns has 4 nurses on staff who provide Health & Wellness Coordination services to customers. These services offer guidance to both the customer and the support team on how to manage the individual health care needs of the customer, and general health and wellness education.


Employment Services

LIFEDesigns believes everyone deserves the opportunity to work in integrated community employment for at least minimum wage. It is our goal to provide the supports needed for each customer we work with to work in a place where they work alongside peers with and without disabilities, use their strengths and skills purposefully, and do something they are genuinely interested in.

Currently, about 32% of our Community Living customers are employed in integrated community employment. Our goal is to support at least 50% of our customers to work in integrated community employment by 2018. To do this, LIFEDesigns has implemented EmploymentFIRST principles in our staff, part of a nationwide initiative. —>

Learn more about EmploymentFIRST and the steps LIFEDesigns has taken to implement these principles into our services. – P.A.T.H. Training for Employees and P.A.T.H. planning for customers, Self Employment Incubator.


Educational Programs

– Continuing Education Day Program

– Summer Camps

Our Education program offers classes and skill development for adults after school is over. Our program is unique in the way the classes are offered. Instead of sitting in a classroom throughout the day, our employees coordinate classes in our various communities where customers can learn skills in the places they would normally happen.

For example, we offered an art class in a local community college art classroom, a cooking class in a commercial kitchen, and classes in the local library. Our program also recruits volunteers to be involved in leading instruction in specific classes.

For example we often get students involved in various clubs at Indiana University to play a role in developing the curriculum for and leading instruction of classes. Some of the clubs that have volunteered with us are the Occupational Therapy Club, American Sign Language Club, and many students in the Recreational Therapy major.


Affordable Housing

LIFEDesigns is an Affordable Housing Developer. We have partnered with Milestone Ventures for the development of many of our projects. We’ve developed apartments, duplexes, housing specifically designed for supported living, a group home, and permanent supportive housing. Accessibility is our main priority in all of these developments. We consider both accessibility to the community (i.e. public transportation, local shopping, and other resources, and recreational life such as nearby parks and trails) and the accessibility inside homes such as ramps instead of steps, width of hallways, and many other factors.

Additionally, group housing such as housing intended for group homes or supported living, we consider each person’s  privacy. All of our new housing is designed for each person to have their own private bedroom and bathroom. We have found that this greatly reduces the stress between roommates, and allows each person the option to live as privately as they desire. —> Learn more about our specific Housing Developments – Crawford I & II, Housing Options I & II, LIFEDesigns at McKinley

LIFEDesigns has provided services for seniors and people with disabilities across South-Central Indiana for over 30 years. We offer a variety of holistic programs and services to meet the individual needs of each of our customers. We emphasize teamwork and promote ability and independence.

We serve customers across multiple counties, including but not limited to: Bartholomew, Brown, Greene, Johnson, Lawrence, Monroe, Morgan, and Owen. Even if you  live outside of these counties, you may still be eligible to receive our services. 

Are you currently a customer of LIFEDesigns? If so, please take our Customer Survey and tell us how we are doing. We value your feedback and are looking forward to using your input to improve our services.

To learn more about our services, please contact us or call our Director of Support Services at 812-332-9615.