Employment Services

Employment Services

LIFEDesigns employment services team works with customers looking for jobs and businesses in the community to form mutually beneficial relationships. We help businesses in the community with personalized recruitment assistance and retention support. We work with customers to match them with a position where they will thrive.

Customer Support

• Résumé development
• Assistance with interviewing
• Retention support

Benefits for Businesses

• Personalized recruitment assistance
• Higher than average retention rates
• Tax Benefits

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Employer Testimonials

“Justin has been a great asset to our team for the last 4 years. LIFEDesigns has been great on developing Justin’s training and scanning rhythm. LIFEDesigns has helped show Justin how important his role is to the store and our customers. This has kept Justin so motivated that he runs to the store from his bus stop. Justin and LIFEDesigns have been a great help on keeping our store priced and merchandised correctly.”
– Shawn Horrall, HR Executive, Best Buy

“Rita is a pleasure to work with. The customers always enjoy talking to her. She has come a long was since she started and she continues to learn everyday. Rita really enjoys working with others and other employees enjoy working with her. She has become a natural fit for our team.”
– Brent DeMoss , Manager, McDonalds