Employee Spotlights

Meet our employees who go above and beyond for LIFEDesigns

Employee Spotlight: Jeff M.

Jeff Mendenhall looks downright intimidating and, indeed, with his history of martial arts and wrestling, he probably can back it up. But this incredible, real-life superhero instead chooses to save lives and to put his strength to good use helping others as a DSP. 

His visual impairment might come as a surprise to some people (because he owns his space with confidence and compassion) but that makes sense because he doesn’t really pay it any heed himself. In fact, he makes it a point to tell any frustrated trainees that yes, he does know what it’s like. “Two days a week, I glove up.” he says with a grin. The three days a week that he isn’t gloving up to care for others, he works as an educator for LIFEDesigns employees in the Development Department. 

Read more about Jeff here.

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