COVID-19 Advisory Notice

Here you will find COVID-19 Advisory Notices for LIFEDesigns. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us here.

To our family members, guardians and those 70 years or older: click here for information & resources regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. 

November 23, 2020

As you have no doubt heard or read, we have seen a growth in the number of COVID-19 cases across the country, with the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases hitting or exceeding records set earlier in the year. Current recommendations from medical specialists, including the CDC, have stressed the importance of avoiding close contact with people outside your immediate household (which is not the same as your family), limiting travel, and wearing masks when you are outside your home.

In order to best protect all those with whom we work – clients and staff – as well as family members, LIFEDesigns is returning to a heightened level of safety:

  • Visitation is now restricted at all LIFEDesigns properties.
    • Winslow Office is open only to LIFEDesigns staff, and clients with an appointment.
    • Group Homes are open only to LIFEDesigns staff and clients living in the specific home.
    • Visitors at Supported Living homes will need the approval of all residents living in the home (and/or the guardians of those residents).
    • Visits can take place outdoors, but all parties at the visit must wear either a medical/procedure mask, an N95 or KN95 mask, or a 2-layer fabric mask for the duration of the visit.
  • For those planning Thanksgiving Holiday visits:
    • Procedures for visits were distributed previously and must be followed.
    • Any questions regarding these procedures are to be directed to Renee Clevenger, RN, Director of Nursing at 812-332-9615 during normal business hours.
    • Failure to adhere to these procedures may mean the visit will be cancelled, or the client may not be permitted to return to a LIFEDesigns-staffed location for 14 days or more.

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