Angel Tree


Happy Holidays! At LIFEDesigns we believe that everyone deserves the chance to celebrate the season of giving and be included.  We provide services and supports to people with disabilities and work towards more inclusive communities that value active citizenship and fulfilling relationships. Every year we strive to spread cheer to the individuals we serve by making sure no one goes without gifts on Christmas. That is where our annual Angel Tree comes in!

Located this year at the Uptown Plaza in downtown Bloomington, the Angel Tree gives people in our community the opportunity to fulfill the holiday wishlist of someone without a traditional family. Each Tag on the tree has an individuals wishlist on the back and instructions on the back. If you would like to visit our physical tree, here are the dates and times it will be up:

Uptown Plaza Lobby, left of the first floor entrance (115 N College Ave. Bloomington, IN)

November 27th until December 15th
Monday – Thursday, 7 am -7 pm
Friday, 7 am – 8 pm
Saturday 7 am – 6 pm
Sunday 12 am – 3 pm

Our wishlists are also listed below and even if you cannot visit our tree, you can still “adopt” someone in need! When you see a wishlist you want to shop for simply fill out our Angel Tree form at the following link ( or email our tree coordinator, Bradley Davis, at Let us know what tag number you selected and how to best contact you.

Our deadline for unwrapped gifts is December 15th. You can drop off your gifts at the LIFEDesigns main office:

200 E. Winslow Rd., Bloomington, IN 47401

Or at the United Way of South Central Indiana:

1502 I St., Suite 208, Bedford, IN 47421

Tag No. Gender/Age   Wishlist
2 F / Adult o   Stuffed Animals
3 M / Adult o   Chewy Things

o   Scented Weighted Pad

5 F / Adult o   Glittery Picture Frame

o   Camera and memory card

o   Puzzles

o   Keychains

o   Women’s shirts (XXL)

7 M / Adult o   Two Nintendo DS games



M / Adult

o   Sweatpants (M)

o   Low-cut socks

o   Birdfeeder (attaches to window)

o   Stackable toys

9 M / Adult o   Low-cut socks

o   Building blocks

o   Sorting objects

10 M / Adult o   Walker Texas Ranger DVDs

o   Law and Order SVU DVDs




F / Adult


o   Sorting Toys




M / Adult

o   Gloves

o   Guitar picks

o   Sketch book and Pastels

o   Lounge pants (L)

o   Bath Robe (Blue, L)

o   Sweatshirt (L)




F / Adult

o  Giftcard for a Women’s Dress



M / Adult

o   Fishing supplies

o   Western Movie




M / Adult

o   “I’m a Pepper” T-shirt

o   Halloween Movie




M / Adult

o   Magic Kit

o   Magic t-shirt




M / Adult

o   Sketchbook and Pastels

o   Country Music CD




M / Adult

o   CD Player (non-handheld)

o   Taylor Swift CD

o   Weighted blanket

o   Stuffed animals




F / Adult

o   PJ’s

o   Arts and Crafts Kit




F / Adult

o   Kroger Gift Card



M / Adult

o   Gloves

o   Water Bottle

o   Socks

o   T-shirts (M)

o   Sports balls




M / Adult

o   Musical Toys (e.g. Keyboard)

o   Apples and Poptarts

o   AA Batteries




M / Adult

o   Barney-themed toys or items



M / Adult

o   Socks (M)

o   Snack foods (crackers, gummis, etc.)

Bean Bag Chair




M / Adult

o   Spandex clothing/leggings (XL)

o   Creed Memorabilia

o   Ohio Memorabilia

o   Maps




M / Adult

o   Fun Hats

o   Michael Jackson CDs/Memorabilia

o   Star Wars memorabilia

o   Maxim Magazine




M / Adult

o   Professional Wrestling memorabilia

o   Vinyl Rock n’ Roll or Country records

o   Fancy Socks




M / Adult

o   Funny Suspenders

o   Joke items (e.g. Spencer’s gags)

o   Horror movie DVD

o   PJ’s (L)

o   Puppy books/calendar




M / Adult

o   Word Search Books

o   Country music CDs




M / Adult

o   Disney VHS movies

o   Small stuffed animals (Beanie Babies)

o   Sweatpants and sleep pants (L)

o   T-shirts (M or L)


Thank you for helping us make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season. Please contact us with any questions.

Angel Tree Coordinator, Bradley Davis,