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LIFEDesigns recognized in ACL Blog: “Increasing Opportunities for Integrated Employment: Lesson’s from Indiana”

LIFEDesigns has always been viewed as an innovative service provider, providing integrated community services to people with disabilities across south central Indiana. LIFEDesigns is an established service provider, in operation for over 30 years. The ACL is the Administration for Community Living, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In their blog post on May 17, 2016 they highlight the uniqueness of how community integration is intertwined throughout all of LIFEDesigns services.

The community integration is especially noticed in Supported Employment. After recently finishing their strategic planning to 2018, LIFEDesigns recognized that community employment was the number one most desired goal for the people they support. Currently about 32% of LIFEDesigns customers are employed in their community compared with only about 21% in Indiana. LIFEDesigns won’t stop there—by 2018 they hope to increase the percentage of customers working in a community job to over 50%. Using the nationwide EmploymentFIRST Initiative, LIFEDesigns has a plan to expand their capacity for employment supports to be able to achieve this goal in less than 3 years. With the support of the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County with a grant of $25,000, we will begin seeing the results of this effort early 2017. This initiative is seeking local business professionals for council on developing community employment and self employment opportunities within the local economy.

Another key component of achieving full community integration is LIFEDesigns Community Education Opportunities program intended for adults with developmental disabilities who want to improve their social, employment, and life skills. The program features classes targeted towards improving fitness, social interactions, communication, self advocacy, cooking, and exploration of the arts. This program stands out because each class is held in a community location, and professionally skilled volunteers teach the classes. The customers attending these courses are more engaged in the learning activities and typically end up teaching the volunteers a little bit about disabilities as well.

This is ACL’s third profile of local programming promoting integrated employment for people with disabilities. To read the full story posted by ACL go online to:

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Crawford II


Crawford II Project Funding Award Announcement

CONTACT: Susan Rinne, LIFEDesigns’ Chief Executive Officer, for photos or interviews at (812) 332–9615 or

Crawford II—Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann announced that the state is awarding more than $14.3 million in rental housing tax credits to 18 multi-family housing developments throughout Indiana. This award was highly competitive, and selected only 18 of 50 applications submitted.

One of the projects awarded is for a new housing project by LIFEDesigns in collaboration with Shalom Center, Crawford II.  Much like the first project, Crawford II will also be a permanent supportive housing project aimed at ending chronic homelessness in Bloomington.  Following the amazing success of Crawford I, Crawford II is expected to further reduce costs for the City of Bloomington in the areas of emergency room use, incarcerations, and uninsured medical expenses.

The $7.4 million building project will be developed by LIFEDesigns and services for residents provided by Shalom in partnership with several providers in the South Central Housing Network including, Centerstone, IU Health, and more.  At this point, the project has been awarded the majority of the funding it needs.  The final critical piece of the funding puzzle is anticipated in July from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis.  Other already confirmed funding sources for the project are the City of Bloomington HOME funds, IHCDA HOME funds, and the Low Income Housing Tax Credits mentioned here. Milestone Ventures of Indianapolis provided assistance with the applications for the funding requests and project development planning.

Crawford I supports 28 formerly homeless individuals who have a disability, and are most at risk. Crawford II will offer 35 safe, secure furnished one bedroom apartments for 35 individuals or couples. Similar to Crawford I, Shalom and others will offer services that include employment counseling, training, and placement; daily living skills instruction; counseling; case management; addictions counseling, and support; health and wellness counseling; and nutrition instruction. In addition, there will be many unique features including a healthy eating curriculum, laptop lending program, welcome packages, and LEED standard building. Susan Rinne states, “Building on the success of Crawford I this project will ensure the achievements of the people who live there through its design and wrap around services.”

Supportive housing is a successful, cost-effective combination of affordable housing with services that help people live more stable, productive lives. Supportive housing works well for people who face the most complex challenges—individuals and families who are not only homeless, but who also have very low income and serious persistent health issues such as having a disability, substance use or self-medication, mental illness, and HIV/AIDS.

Crawford I has shown that permanent supportive housing in Bloomington is successful and needed. In the first year alone, Crawford I residents increased their income by 29%, doubled the number who have healthcare, reduced incarcerations by 88%, and reduced emergency room use by 65%. This is consistent with findings from a study by the University of Pennsylvania Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research which states the initial housing costs are offset by annual savings per person of $16,282 which nearly pays for the housing expenditure. They show the savings is directly connected to reduction in public health services, decline in shelter use, and reduced incarceration. Neighborhoods benefit from these projects as well finding improved safety and beautification, and increased or stabilized property values.

Services to the residents will be provided by Shalom Community Center and funded by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the application is pending.

Rev. Forrest Gilmore, Executive Director of Shalom Community Center, said, “This is an opportunity to put both our heads and our hearts together to solve the compelling challenge of chronic homelessness. Housing First is a tested model of support for people with disabilities who also have experienced long-term homelessness. Crawford II will not only end homelessness for some of the most vulnerable people in Bloomington, but also improve the quality of our community and save money by reducing the impact on our criminal justice and health care systems.”

Mayor John Hamilton commented on the announcement, “Congratulations to LIFEDesigns and the Shalom Center for securing the funding to develop Crawford II.  This is great news for Bloomington. The Crawford model of addressing chronic homelessness is a proven success.  I’m thrilled that at least 35 more individuals will benefit from safe, secure housing and all the services that make building a better life possible.”

About Shalom

Shalom Community Center is dedicated to aiding and empowering people experiencing extreme poverty. As a resource center for people who are living in poverty and the most comprehensive response to homelessness in south central Indiana, Shalom offers a gateway to both emergency services and long-term solutions. Since its founding in 2000, Shalom has grown rapidly, providing day and overnight shelter, hunger relief, housing for people with disabilities and working families, employment support, case management, street outreach, eviction prevention, prescription and health care assistance, life essentials (laundry, showers, mail, ID, etc.), and other health and human services to hundreds of people each day and thousands of people each year. Shalom Community Center is a United Way Member Agency.

To learn more about Shalom Community Center, please visit, call (812) 334-5728, or email

About LIFEDesigns

LIFEDesigns partners with people of all ages and abilities to lead meaningful and active lives. This is accomplished through community living services, general support services and assistive technology, a community-based education program, affordable housing, and supported employment services. LIFEDesigns doesn’t just help people survive, they teach them to be involved and engaged in their community and to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. LIFEDesigns humbly provides the supports and opportunities that some people need to achieve their dreams of owning their own home, getting a job they love, and learning to make friends and develop relationships in their community.

To learn more about LIFEDesigns and how we help people achieve their goals, or to find out how you can be involved, visit or call (800) 875–9615.

Halloween Masquerade Party

LD Halloween Invites

Come one, come all to LIFEDesigns annual Halloween Masquerade Party. The party will be held this year at the Moose Lodge. Come on out for a spooky night filled with delicious treats and fun activities. As usual, part of the fun will be watching three lucky winners get a pie in the face! LIFEDesigns office staff is currently holding a penny pitch to decide exactly who those winners will be. If there is someone you would love to see get pie-ed, bring your pennies to LIFEDesigns office on Winslow to “vote” for the winners. The Penny War continues through October 24 5:00 pm and funds donated benefit United Way Agencies, including LIFEDesigns.

Don’t be afraid to come dressed in your spookiest costume, it’s all part of the fun! Contact Stephanie Shelton or (812) 332-9615 if you would like to volunteer or donate to support this fun activity for all LIFEDesigns customers, staff, donors, and supporters.